How to Save 90%+ On PURE Hyaluronic Acid Powder!

(Supplements/Hormones Available 90%+ OFF- Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, DHEA, pregnenolone, melatonin, hyaluronic acid, resveratrol, don’t see it? Just ask).

Did you know you can buy Vitamin K2 for 30 TIMES the cost of gold per gram if you buy Dr Mercola’s or others’ brands? What if I told you you can get the same (or better) quality Vitamin K2  for only $15 per gram if you buy bulk powder from Peter @ (Mercola’s pills go for $6,500 per gram-yes that’s right!)  !!  Well it’s true, and although an extreme example, many other vitamins and hormones suffer from similar outrageous markups when going from powder form to pills in bottles!! Keep in mind Peter will give you very accurate measuring spoons so you get the right dose every time. As far as K2 goes, Peter sells both Mk7  and Mk4.

Also, it is not listed on his page, but he also sells oral hyaluronic acid powder  CHEAP which is essential for people over 40-it is the clear goo in your eyes, cartilage, it lubricates your skin, it is in your hair , can cause your hair to go from white back to the original color if recently turned  white, it plumps out your skin  and drops to 25% of age 40 levels by age 70. (Look it up on the internet-but don’t believe the doctors who claim you cannot absorb it orally, you can absorb 2% and that is enough-doctors want to sell you injections!). Anyway…

Peter is not a retailer, his main business is supplying bulk powders to people who encapsulate them put them in fancy bottles and charge high retail prices. When he has the time he takes care of us too. So don’t expect instant service from Peter, but you usually only need to buy from him once  for  often a lifetime supply of what you want for almost nothing (compared to retail pills).  Before I heard about Peter  I used to spend sometimes $7,000+ per year for supplements!!

Keep in mind-

“All Vitaspace’s supplements and hormones are sourced from top quality US or European suppliers.
  Absolutely nothing is sourced from China which is a common practice amongst most distributors”
“All Vitaspace’s powders are tested for purity  at 2 different facilities, which differs from standard practice of occasional testing.”


You can find this detailed information at the  website.which was created  and is maintained by Raj Bapna an early fan of the  Vitamin D3 book>>>

A reader, Doug Malewicki, who’s 75 years old, an inventor and more, has created this table below to show the savings.

One AMAZING fact he discovered is that if you want to buy Vitamin K2 in pill form  say from the Mercola website, you would have to pay about $6,500 per gram for pills as compared to $15 per gram for powder K2 from (see below) . That is about 400 times more expensive at Mercola’s site than buying from Peter at  Now back to Doug:

Links about Doug:
President/Chief Scientist – AeroVisions, Inc., 14962 Merced Circle, Irvine, CA 92604,
OC Register Sportsman of the Year:,
Invention Web Site,
DOUGumentary trailer:

Doug’s table below shows the savings more clearly:

(you can see the very interesting savings tables at

How to save big on vitamins, minerals, supplements

3 Bulk Combo Packages for Jeff’s Readers from Peter Ottenbacher, President, Vitaspace

A fan of Jeff’s research, Peter has created these special combo package for maximum savings.

These vitamins are what Jeff takes himself and recommends in his books.

ESSENTIAL DUO: $130 (save $15 extra as compared to individual items)

The “Essential Duo Package” includes:

Vitamin D3 (100,000 IU per gram), 500 grams $50
Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone-4), 5 grams $80
Shipping is $6 for any size order within the USA $6
Total $136

Longevity Three: $200 (save $15 extra as compared to individual items)

The “Longevity Three Package” includes:

DHEA 100 grams $80
Pregnenolone, 100 grams $80
Melatonin, 100g $40
Shipping is $6 for any size order within the USA $6
Total $206

COMPLETE COMBO: $330 (save $25 extra as compared to individual items)

The “COMPLETE COMBO Package” includes:

Vitamin D3 (100,000 IU per gram), 500 grams $50
Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone-4), 5 grams (he also has Mk-7) $80
DHEA 100 grams $80
Pregnenolone, 100 grams $80
Melatonin, 100g $40
Shipping is $6 for any size order within the USA $6
Total $336

Single Items Available

The price of each single item is $5 more than mentioned in the COMPLETE COMBO above.
Also, Menaquinone-7 (MK-7) powder is available for those who are interested.
Contact peter@vitaspace for more information.

Not Suitable for ALL

Using bulk vitamins and supplements is not suitable to all because it requires the basic knowledge of weights and an ability to measure and take the required amount to ensure safety.

Please note that Peter’s website does not even have an “add to cart” button because general public is not allowed to order.

Peter requires a brief telephonic talk to determine if bulk purchase is suitable for you.

If you want to consider a bulk purchase, please email Peter at
[email protected] with your phone number and he will contact you.

About Vitaspace and Why They Can Offer Such Savings on Bulk Supplies

Vitaspace sells pure nutritional powders at wholesale prices to nutritional supplement companies, pharmacies, universities and also to intelligent individuals who are capable of weighing small amounts of powder using an accurate scale. Alternatively, for those without a scale, the density (mass per unit volume) of each powder will be provided and a measuring spoon will be given so that the powder density multiplied by the volume of the spoon will equal the number of milligrams appropriate for a single dose.

Due to the much lower cost per dose when purchasing pure powders instead of capsules or tablets, individuals who are willing to take the time to measure the powders will be able to save a significant amount of money.

Peter Ottenbacher, President, Vitaspace
EMAIL: [email protected]
PHONE: 631-342-1883
FAX: 631-342-1903
Vitaspace accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, check or money order.

If you want to consider a bulk purchase, please email Peter at
[email protected] with your phone number and he will contact you.

International Shipping

  • Canada: Cannot ship Vitamin K2, however, can ship D3 and melatonin
  • Australia: Cannot ship melatonin, however, can ship D3 and K2
  • United Kingdom: Can ship vitamins D3 and K2, but not sure about melatonin (if you know please email us)
  • Germany and all countries in the EU: Cannot ship any vitamins and amino acids
  • Pregnenolone or DHEA: If you have information about restrictions on this, please email us

36 thoughts on “How to Save 90%+ On PURE Hyaluronic Acid Powder!”

  1. Hey Jeff,
    Do you know a workaround for getting bulk K2 into Canada? I looked into why we can’t order it and the reason as stated on the Health Canada website is: “Currently, vitamin K is an ingredient listed on Part II of Schedule F without qualifiers and is therefore not a natural health product (NHP). This means that, at this time vitamin K is only available by prescription.” Personally, I think the whole thing is ridiculous because we can still order K2 from health food stores, but only in small quantities at high prices. Perhaps your contact Peter at Vitaspace has an idea? I just thought I’d check with you before working at ordering from Vitaspace from here in Canada. Appreciate all the research you do.

    1. HI Matt

      I recently heard from someone that the vitamin k2 ban in Canada was lifted I think……please contact [email protected] and see if he now ships to canada

      be patient sometime he is busy and takes a while to reply…..but it is well worth the wait for a 95% savings!

      1. Sent off an email to Peter soon after writing here. I’m hoping for some good news! And yes, definitely worth the wait. I’m a regular VitaCost buyer, which I thought was a good deal until I saw your price breakdown for VitaSpace. Looking forward to saving $$$. Thank you for the fast reply, Jeff. 🙂

  2. Hi again Jeff,
    I placed an order with Peter at Vitaspace for the “Complete Combo” and I hope to be receiving my supplements soon. Aside from mixing l-lysine into my smoothies, I strictly have taken vitamins in capsule form.
    How do you go about taking your combination? Do you mix the majority in water or some other liquid and take in the morning with melatonin at night, or is there another way to go about it?

    1. Hello there….

      I take my Peter supplied poweder vitamins by little spoons he provides that measures the right dose you want. I just pop the powder under my tongue and let it dissolve most have very little taste.

      1. Under the tongue? I didn’t even think of that. Much appreciate Jeff. Thanks again.
        On another note, while I’m waiting for my bulk melatonin, I’ve been taking the store bought capsules. Currently at 50mg a night. And wow, my dreaming has become intense.

  3. Hi,

    I emailed Peter at vita over two weeks ago. He said he would get the price to me later that day. I emailed him again two days ago. This is not a way to run a business for those of us interested in getting these vitamins.

    1. Sorry about that Deborah….Sometimes Peter gets busy with his primary business which is supplying vitamins to vitamin companies. then when he gets the time he deals with us smaller fry. This is kind of an experimental arrangment that seems to be working well for those who are patient. By waiting you can get basically almost a lifetime supply for very little. So just hang onto your pill bottles a little longer. Peter always comes through in the end. there is an old saying in business you can have fast good or cheap. Pick 2. Also he used to require a telephone conversation with new customers to see if powder supplements waas appropriate for them….not sue about the policy these days…maybe that could be an issue…anyway thanks for your comment I have passed it on.

    2. I emailed Peter and he noted that you aked for a quote on a kilogram of a vitamin he usally does not deal in because it is so expensive in bulk- Vitamin B12. So he had to wait and hear back from suppliers but I think he finally got you a quote for $1500 a kilo?! WOW. anyway be careful- it has recently been suggested that long term high dose B12 users have a higher risk of lung cancer you should look into it. All the best Jeff.

  4. Hello Jeff,
    Thank you for the information. It’s really helpful! So, I sent an email to Vitaspace 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, I haven’t got any reply yet. Do you know any alternative service? Thank you.

    1. Hello there sorry to hear that….why don’t you email huim again…He is normally preoccupied with filling large orders to vitamin pill manufacturers and gets to the small accounts when he has time. There is an pold sdaying youo can get good cheap or fast pick 2! Ill copy uyour message to peter…If you are not in the US there are some countries he cannot send to like Germany for one I think.

  5. Hey Jeff,
    My order from Peter arrived. Thank you for the recommendation. I was curious, do you have a method for storing your supplements? I’ve got them in their individual ziplock bags sitting on a shelf in my refrigerator, but I was thinking that maybe I should transfer to empty vitamin bottles or maybe even purchase small glass bottles to house them. I wanted to check and see how you store yours though as you might have some better advice.

    1. HI Matt

      glad to hear it…..I have kept my plastic bags in the freezer and then transfer powder to empty cans that once housed mixed nuts and I mark them with a sharpie

      to make sure I know which is which…..great thanks for writing JB!!

  6. Is there a register of qualified medical doctors who oversee the use of Vitamin D3 and K2 in the UK? I have been looking online without success so far. My problem is asthma. Thanks to Jeff for all the hard work in spreading the news about these remarkable products.

    1. Hi three

      if you look for doctors using the Dr Coimbra protocol for MS you will find doctors used to treating conditions with d3 and k2…..there are none in the UK except for one in ireland

      as far as this link goes…

      here is the link>>

      but you cold join various facebook groups and people will walk you through it with no need for a doctor go into facebook search d3 and or Dr Coimbra ..bottom line is you should take d3 k2 AND magnesium you need to read my new book it talks about d3 and its 5 cofactors…..which also include boron zinc and beta carotene

      1. Oh and trust me…thre are many laymen on these websites that know way more than most doctors on these issues and have experoimented on themeselves already…..
        dont waste your money on a doctor if you dont have to…

  7. Hey Jeff, thought I’d give you a heads up that Pregnenolone and DHEA can’t be shipped to Canada. Mine was seized at the border and they sent me a letter basically saying there’s nothing I can do about it.

    1. WOW I am sorry to hear about that!! did you order that from Peter? or some bottles from amazon??
      Maybe you will have to take a trip to the US and get it shipped to you at a hotel or friends house

      It sure is a shame how the government of Canada treats its citizens…like little children!!

      You shoud start a movement to get some new laws passed…

  8. How do you take the bulk melatonin & DHEA powder?

    Do you put it under the tongue for sublingual absorption?

    Or drink it dissolved in water?

  9. look forward to hearing you on Marty W radio show on Sat 11/28. Thanks for
    your help and time for the show!

  10. Hey Jeff,

    Any chance it’s possible to get lichen derived Vitamin D3 from Peter?

    1. HI there ask Peter he can usually get most things go to to get his number


  11. Please send me your free VIT D3 book. I have arthritis and I would like to try your suggestions on how to relieve the pain. Thank you.

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