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Last modified on July 6, 2020
Last modified on July 6, 2020

Giving this ebook away free until it is unbanned

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I decided to publish this book anonymously, but I do reveal my name towards the end of this book. I did this because I have written some best-selling books that relate to this book, and if you knew my name ahead of time, and learned the title of one of  my prior books it would spoil the puzzle that I am about to present to you for you to solve. OK, let’s get started.

You will shortly be taken on an intellectual journey and adventure of trying to figure out what a hodgepodge of puzzling things all have in common. During and after considering these  stories, articles, or odd facts concerning pandemics or epidemics that seem mostly unrelated to each other, if you can unmask the common thread that runs through them all, you will have solved the puzzle and figured out a way to save humanity from the current pandemic as well as any that come at us in the future. This book will allow you to play the role of medical detective. And the fun part is that whether you solve the puzzle or not, you will be given the answer at the end of the book which should provide a satisfying solution to the puzzle and leave you in a wonderful state  of  “AHAAA”.

For example, you will see a story of an Alaskan village that was untouched by the Spanish flu of 1918 while nearby villages lost up to 90% of the population to flu deaths.

You will read about towns in mountain areas that get hit harder than anywhere else by epidemics, and eventually read an article about how African Americans are much more susceptible to coronavirus than whites, and then another where  in some areas blacks and whites are dying from coronavirus in equal numbers!

If you can figure out the common thread that runs through all these stories, articles, and facts, you will then have discovered, all on your own, how to stop the next pandemic before it starts! And stop the current one right in its tracks, easily, and safely.

You better hurry as they say the next coronavirus pandemic is headed our way for the fall of 2020!

When I add a commentary in each chapter, I might be adding it from the viewpoint of how our public health officials might have tried to explain the facts of the case. But please be advised, their views might be completely or partially incorrect or possibly wholly correct. You will only know in the end after the answers are all revealed to you.

If you decide to not read all the chapters, or get bored with the task  you can then ruin the book for yourself by jumping to chapter  14  and beyond where all will be revealed  and you can check your own answer, if you develop one, against the one thread running through  all the stories that simultaneously explains all the odd facts. Figuring out this one thread through all these stories will then be the key that will allow us to prevent the next pandemic before it even starts! Without even needing a vaccine!

I ask you just one favor. Please do not mention the answer anywhere in writing if you leave a review of this book, that will just spoil the puzzle part for others who want to take a crack at it. But please do spread the news far and wide in any other venue, so we can stop the current pandemic and the next pandemic before it even starts!

#1 The Mystery of San Marino-

Why Does a Tiny Little Country Within Italy Have the Highest Rate of Cases and Deaths From Coronavirus?

You can quickly take a look at some interesting statistics for coronavirus for all the countries in the world by going to the website:

At that site you will find a table that lists all the world’s countries and their interesting statistics relating to coronavirus in table form.

You can click on any heading for a particular statistic and the countries will be sorted in order of the value of that statistic.

The two statistics that we will look in this chapter   are deaths per million of population, and cases per million of population.

Let us take a quick look at deaths per million – what follows are the top countries in that category. All countries that have a rate of 150 deaths per million or more from coronavirus are listed:

Who stands out like a sore thumb? 


With a whopping 1,179 deaths per million population!!! It has almost double the death rate of the next nearest country Belgium.

Also, at 15, 119 cases per million San Marino is #1 in that category too.  Andorra comes in 2nd in this category at 9,461 cases per million – we will take a look at Belgium and Andorra later.

For comparison, the United States only has a death rate of 158 deaths per million residents! And a total case rate of 2,797 per million.

What is going on here?

Let us take a closer look at San Marino. All I knew about it before recently, was that it had some ski resorts and it was near Italy.

(It turns out that it is completely inside of Italy!)

From Wikipedia-

San Marino is an enclave (landlocked) surrounded by Italy in Southern Europe, on the border between the regions of Emilia

Romagna and Marche and about 10 km

(6.21 mi) from the Adriatic coast at Rimini.

Its hilly topography, with no flat ground, is part of the Apennine mountain range.

The highest point in the country, the summit of Monte Titano, is 749 m (2,457 ft) above sea level. San Marino has no bodies of water of any significant size.



The climate of San Marino is a  humid subtropical climate with continental influences, having warm summers and cool winters that are typical of inland areas of the central Italian peninsula. Snowfalls are common and heavy almost every winter, especially above 400-500 m of altitude.


Hillside Village San Marino



Topographic Map of San Marino



Average Monthly Hours of Sunshine in San Marino

The monthly total of sun hours over the year in  San Marino, San Marino.

Total sun hours per year looks to be roughly 2300.

-On average, July is the sunniest.

-On average, November has the lowest amount of sunshine.

 So, the bottom line is that San Marino is an extremely hilly, mountainous, country, with no flat land to be found.

What else is unique about San Marino?


It turns out that San Marino and Andorra both have some of the oldest populations in the world in the top 10!  (San Marino should be #6 based on above data):

San Marino is also, one of the most densely populated countries in the world with an average of more than 860 people per square mile (332 per square kilometers). San Marino has a population that is still almost exclusively native Sammarinese.

(In San Marino the population is divided ethnically between Sammarinese and Italians.)

Northern Italians generally look quite Central European. Southern Italians look darker, more like Greeks, especially in Sicily and Calabria. People in the central provinces have their own unique “Italic” type of look that can really go in either direction but there is a distinctive Italian look regardless.

So, if we asked our public health officials what might be the cause of such a high death rate in San Marino? They would most likely note that.

-Being one of the most densely populated countries in the world, virus transmission would be easier,

Older people are more susceptible to the virus due to weaker immune systems and comorbidities.

-Maybe the fact that the country is entirely covered with hills and mountains with no flat land, that there is -a deficit in sunshine and heat which allows the virus to thrive in the outside environment.

-Also, 2300 hours of annual sunshine is low to begin with, so throw in the mountain shadows and you start to see an even bigger sunshine deficit.

The doctors when asked why epidemics tend to dissipate in the spring and summer months suggest that it is caused by the sun and warmth making it harder for the virus to spread. And recently it was shown that sunshine (UV light) can kill the coranovirus virus in just seconds!



#2- The Mystery of Egegik, Alaska during

the Spanish Flu:

This is an especially intriguing story, and in the end, you will find it is pretty difficult to figure this one out without a little additional internet research on your own.

An Excerpt from a BBC article begins with

 “In places like Alaska, the Spanish flu exacted a terrible toll. But while some communities suffered many deaths, others nearby escaped the carnage. How?” By Richard Gray

24th October 2018

“More people per capita died from the Spanish influenza in Alaska than almost anywhere else in the world,” says Katherine Ringsmuth, a historian who has been piecing together the story of the canneries in Bristol Bay. “Some places like Egegik escaped it and no one really knows why.”

“Filthy and frightened, the three young children staggered up the beach. Their tiny frames were feverish and behind them, on board the small sailboat they had drifted ashore upon, lay the bodies of two dead men.

The group had been attempting to flee an outbreak of disease that had devastated their small, isolated village further upstream from the spot where they ran aground on the Naknek River in Bristol Bay, Alaska. The three young survivors were quickly taken to a hospital run by a salmon canning company.

Their unexpected arrival at the Alaska PackerAssociation’s “Diamond O” cannery on the Naknek announced that “Spanish flu” had taken hold in this remote, largely ice-bound part of the world.


The inhospitable winter weather conditions had prevented travel to the area between the months of September and May, meaning Alaska had escaped the waves of influenza that swept the world during 1918.By the time the pandemic had run its course, it claimed somewhere between 50 and 100 million lives – more than the total number of deaths from the terrors of World War One.

The arrival of the boat at the cannery on 4 June 1919 indicated the disease had finally found its way to the remote native Inuit communities that dotted the Alaskan coastline. The next day, the superintendent of the cannery dispatched a team to the children’s village to see if they could help.

What they discovered was horrifying.

Reports from the men on the expedition described the village of Savonoski as being in a “deplorable state” and “wretched”. Nearly all of the adult population in the small cluster of around 10 houses were dead. Those still alive were gravely ill and told how their relatives had dropped dead even as they walked around.

The team from the cannery buried the dead in a mass grave and brought those still alive back to the hospital in Naknek.

It was a picture that was repeated in villages all across Alaska. In just a few days nearly 200 people would die from the disease in the Bristol Bay area, leaving dozens of children orphaned. From some places, stories emerged of packs of stray dogs feasting on the bodies of the dead.

In some communities, up to 90% of the population died and the mortality rates were some of the highest in the world. Many of Alaska’s settlements were remote and difficult to reach – but the flu still found them  Yet, just a few miles from some of the worst hit areas of Bristol Bay, one community in a tiny settlement called Egegik escaped the disease entirely. Egegik sits on the banks of the Egegik river.”

It is strange to relate that Egegik was the only village on Bristol Bay that was not troubled with the malady,” the Alaska Packing Association’s superintendent at Naknek station, JF Heinbockel was to say in his official report of the epidemic.

“The natives there were apparently just as healthy when we left as they ever were.”

Other medical reports stated that some villagers at Egegik showed only mild symptoms of the disease. It appears they were lucky. “Some places like Egegik escaped it and no one really knows why.”

“The survival of these so-called “escape communities” could prove valuable today as public health officials look fearfully towards the next influenza pandemic.

As the world tried to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of the global pandemic, stories began to emerge of similar places that had escaped the virus. There were not many – a handful of remote islands, rural towns, walled asylums and schools were left unaffected.”

So, what was so special about this village that dodged a bullet? Did the river had something to do with it?

Current popular thinking about what suppresses the spread of virus includes humidity. Maybe the constant churning of the river water by the town provided enough humidity to prevent the virus from spreading?

Given that the entire small; town was involved with working at the cannery, could it mean that it was a younger population not so susceptible to the virus?

But remember the Spanish flu for some reason infected healthy young adults more than others. Did they wash their hands and themselves a lotmore than people at other villages due to working at the cannery?  What a brain teaser!


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The censorship occurs when you seek information about COVID-19 in Amazon’s book section and they have almost no books on the subject and just  refer you to the CDC website! My book-16 Fascinating COVID-19 & Spanish Flu Mysteries Solved!


Continues to be banned by Amazon-so I am giving it away free uintil it is no longer banned. Now keep in mind  I am a best-selling author and my first book sold 300,000+ copies and was  translated into 10 different languages. My second book published last year has climbed and is still climbing the Amazon best sellers charts and now ranks anywhere from #7 to #1  on the top 100 alternative medicine books list at the US and UK’s Amazon bookstores.-so you can rest assured this will also  be a good book worth reading!..

Consider this- How is it possible that the US with 4% of the world’s population has 28% of the world’s COVID-19 Cases and Deaths???  Obviously there is something wrong with these numbers. But that is neither here nor there, my book only peripherally addresses the CDC’s inaccurate numbers. My book is much more interesting and fun to read. It is a 16 piece puzzle of real life Covid-19 and Spanish Flu mysteries, and if you can solve it you willl find the key that will allow you to stop this pandemic in its tracks and the next one before it even  starts. Now do not read the next paragraph or look at the chart if you don’t want to ruin the puzzle,  just send an email to and request the free pdf book right now and stop reading here. !!It It should be more fun for you  this way, but if you are not sure  that I actually have the puzzle solved, then go ahead and read on and ruin the book for yourself…..


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By the way the head of Life Extension Foundation read it and said it was “fantastic” and is trynig to get his board of doctors to help get the ban lifted. Fingers crossed.


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