The HIGH-DOSE Vitamin D3 CURE for Multiple Sclerosis – Now Sweeping the Planet – Case Studies #14

The HIGH-DOSE Vitamin D3 CURE for Multiple Sclerosis – Now SWEEPING THE PLANET

-Case Studies #14-
A Most Amazing Story of Dr. Coimbra and
the 1,000’s of his Patients around the world
that have Been Cured of MS with
High-Dose Vitamin D3
(Doses of 50,000, 100,000, 200,000 to as High as 1,000,000 IU of Vitamin D3 per day)

Have you heard the news? Big Pharma has just come out with a miracle drug for MS sufferers. The drug’s name is ocrelizumab, and costs just $65,000 per year, and was shown to slow the decline in patients with primary progressive multiple sclerosis-the rarest form which no other drug has been able to affect, by 24%. The drug works by stamping out a class of immune cell, known as B cells, thought to play a major role in the disease. It also cuts time between relapses for those with relapsing MS by about 50%!

Hmmm-no B cells? I wonder if there are any side effects? Oh yeah>

  • upper respiratory tract infections,
  • infusion reactions (itching, rash, hives, redness, bronchospasm, swollen and sore throat, mouth pain, shortness of breath, flushing, hypotension, fever, fatigue, headache, dizziness, nausea, and fast heart rate),
  • skin infections,
  • lower respiratory tract infections,
  • depression,
  • back pain, and
  • pain in the extremities
  • general swelling, Herpes outbreaks, and cancer.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society applauded the $65,000 price tag.  (I BET THEY DID!)

What if I told you there is a large and growing network of doctors around the world, associated with Dr. Coimbra, a pioneering Brazilian doctor who has been curing patients of MS and other autoimmune diseases with high-dose vitamin D3 therapy for the past 6 years,

A SUPERIOR TREATMENT FOR MS AND BASICALLY A CURE –  for a cost for the Vitamin D3, of as little as $50 a year?

What if I told you an ex-heavyweight professional boxer who once lost to the world champion Wladimir Klitschko and who contracted progressive primary MS (the worst kind) around the year 2000 and who was once wheelchair-bound, barely able to even move, and declining rapidly, is now learning to walk again after taking daily doses of Vitamin D3 from 200,000 to as high as 1 million (recently) IU’s for the last 6 years?

This is all true, and I am pretty sure most of you reading this have never heard a word about it from your doctor, and definitely not from Big Pharma!  (I am sure they love the idea of millions of people shelling out $65,000 per year for their new drug for the rest of their lives!)

After we get through our first case of the MS-stricken boxer Zoran Vujicic, and the 1,000’s of patients cured by Dr. Coimbra, I have testimonials from several other MS patients who swear to being cured via high dose vitamin D3 therapy. I will add these cases to this article later.

Before we get into the interesting parts, let’s just get an overview of what MS is all about:

MS affects an estimated 2.3 million people around the world, including about 400,000 people in the United States.

The four main types of MS are:

  • clinically isolated syndrome (CIS)
  • relapsing remitting MS (RRMS)
  • secondary progressive MS (SPMS)
  • primary progressive MS (PPMS)

Relapsing remitting MS is the most common form of the disease. People with RRMS have acute attacks followed by periods of remission in which the disease doesn’t progress. When this form becomes progressive, it’s called secondary progressive MS.

The worst and rarest kind of MS is called primary progressive (PPMS) which makes up about 10-15% of MS sufferers. Once it starts, it does not get better, there are no remission periods. It is just straight downhill, or coasting, until complete paralysis and death.

What differentiates PPMS from the relapsing forms is that while active progression may stop temporarily, the symptoms do not resolve. In relapsing forms, the symptoms may actually improve or return near to where they were before the most recent relapse. Another difference is that there’s not as much inflammation in PPMS compared to relapsing forms. Because of this, many of the drugs that work for relapsing forms do not work for PPMS or SPMS. Also, with PPMS, there are fewer lesions in the brain and more in the spinal cord. The progression of symptoms can worsen over a few months or several years.

What is an MS lesion? It is kind of like a pimple or ulcer on the sheath of tissue that covers one’s nerves or brain cells. It is like an electrical wire loses some of its insulation and starts to short circuit.

An MRI of MS lesions

MS is more common in Caucasians than in other ethnic groups. Although relapsing forms of MS (as almost all autoimmune diseases) are more common in women than in men, both sexes get PPMS at about the same rate. PPMS tends to occur about 10 years later in life than the relapsing forms of MS.

With 160 cases of MS per 100,000 inhabitants, Norway ranks seventh in MS disease prevalence worldwide, behind only Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Cyprus and the United Kingdom, (according to the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation). (Notice the high latitudes where the sun is weak and Vitamin D3 levels are low for most of these countries-this will be important later).

Vitamin D3 deficiency

Notice how MS is more prevalent where the sun is weakest (and thus Vitamin D3 levels are lower-Vitamin D3 is made when strong sun hits your skin.

Oddly, even though MS sounds like a terrible, life-threatening disease, most sufferers of MS can live quite a long time and have an average age of death of only 7 years or so younger than normal people!

However, the symptoms can be bad to horrible, including complete paralysis amongst those with PPMS. Milder symptoms include: dizziness, vision and cognitive problems, fatigue, bowel and bladder problems, sexual issues, motor problems, and pain.

Well now for the GOOD NEWS!>>

Dr. Coimbra and his 5,000+ patients – Dr. Cicero Galli Coimbra is a Brazilian Neurologist, Professor and Researcher who has become popular for treating Multiple Sclerosis and autoimmune disease with high doses of vitamin D3 combined with a combination of other supplements and diet recommendations. Dr. Coimbra does not claim to cure MS [some of his patients will tell you differently] but he has proven that his treatment does stop its progression.

Here is a great link to testimonials of many of Dr. Coimbra’s patients>>

You will find many testimonials similar to this one by Kory:

Re: Multiple Sclerosis Testimonials (Coimbra Protocol) 

Kory’s Testimonial
This is Kory Carreño, from Peru. Many of us, patients of Dr. Coimbra, have followed Kory’s story with the Coimbra Protocol and her struggle to go to Brazil in 2012 and start the treatment with high doses of vitamin D. This is what Kory has recently shared with our FB groups:

Hello, my name is Kory Carreño, I am from Lima / Peru, and had my first MS symptoms in 1999. I went from one doctor to another, always ending up in psychiatrists, until I had half of my body paralyzed in 2004 and, after an MRI, the doctors said I possibly had MS. They did not prescribe any treatment, and after several weeks I ended up losing function of the other half of my body. I was a quadriplegic, I was admitted to the hospital and received 1000 mg per day of methylprednisone for 15 days – dose sufficient to lead to death. I was just devastated. At that time, I was living in Bolivia and they sent me back to Peru because in Bolivia they knew nothing about the disease.

In Peru, they treated me with AVONEX for three years. Besides the side effects, I had 3 to 4 had relapses per year, and it used to take me 2 to 3 months to recover, and hence came another relapse. I was very tired, but I kept going for my son. This medication only hurt me, my body created a resistance to the interferon, and its use has caused me leukopenia (reduction in the number of leukocytes in the blood) and my hemoglobin dropped to 6.7, that is, I became anemic. The doctors discontinued the treatment and I had more relapses, one after the other without interruption. I began to despair because I started to be dependent on a wheelchair, I needed a probe to feed me and a cervical collar to keep my neck up. Doctors disillusioned me, but I refused to accept that I had to stay that way.

With the help of friends, I traveled to the US in search of a clinical trial, but they said that I had to use Copaxone. To buy this medication we had to do many fundraising, etc. With Copaxone I had a relapse a year for two years, I got a little stronger and started searching the internet. But the drugs I used all those years caused me cervical cancer. I got my uterus removed and thank God the cancer was eliminated, but I had another big relapse.

In 2012 I met a patient with MS who told me about the Vitamin D Protocol (thank God, who is always behind everything bringing Angels to our lives, because He loves us more than anything in the world!) And through this person I met Yara Correa, a patient from Brazil, and she introduced me to this INCREDIBLE Protocol. I watched Dr. Cicero’s videos and realized that that was what I was looking for. I could not believe it was exactly what I had asked the Lord Jesus: that I could stop mistreating my body with chemicals and not experience side effects anymore, no longer inject cortisone, no longer have relapses and leave my son at home without knowing if or how I’d return. I was blessed to have friends and family who moved heaven and earth for me to travel to Sao Paulo, and Yara offered me all the support I needed in Brazil.

With 8 months of treatment, I was very happy and stopped the injections (Copaxone). No relapses and many improvements. Unfortunately, the doctors found two tumors in my ovaries, which due to negligence they had not removed in the previous surgery. When I was hospitalized, Dr. Cicero (through Yara) was always attentive. I continued taking my dose of 60,000 IU per day and my multivitamins. Everything went well, the 2 tumors were benign, and the most FABULOUS thing of all was that I had no relapses. After 9 months of treatment, I got married!

After 4 years of treatment, I’m now enjoying life with my family, and many of my disabilities have disappeared. I can go horse riding, I can walk alone, without support, lead a normal life without pain, and I do not wake up tired in the morning. Blessed vitamin D and Dr. Cicero.

I had a friend who died as a result of various experimental treatments for patients with MS, and they are so harmful that they can lead to death. That’s why now I want everyone to know about this protocol. I wish my friend had a little bit of the luck I had, but God knows all things. I tried everything that was “natural” before this Protocol: bees’ stings, raw diet, other diets, but I can tell you that Dr. Cicero Coimbra and the Vitamin D Protocol were placed by God to save lives and we have to announce it to the world.

Here is a before and after picture of another D3 success story – John Ottwell, (with PPMS) before, and at day 165 on the protocol.

Dr. Coimbra has treated himself or through his network of affiliated doctors more than 5,000 MS patients with a success rate he claims of 95%. There are possibly hundreds of testimonials all over the internet that are easy to find so I will not add any more of Coimbra’s patients. You can even see him/them in many YouTube videos like this one>>

Vitamina D – Por uma outra terapia (subtitled)

Or How about the first US patient to use the Coimbra protocol under a US doctor’s care- Jennifer Butler’s story>

Jennifer Butler about her journey with MS and the Coimbra Protocol

If you have any doubts about how far and wide high-dose vitamin d3 therapy for MS is spreading just take a look at the many Facebook groups in many different languages devoted to the topic>>

Coimbra protokol, visoke doze vitamina D3 – MS i druge autoimune bolesti – 9,000 members

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Coimbra Vitamin D Protocol For MS & Autoimmune Disorders 6,000 members

One of the most interesting Dr. Coimbra related sites on the web has before and after pictures of his MS patients MRIs like this one.

Now I would like to tell you about one special case of the one MS patient, Zoran Vujicic, who contacted me from the country of Montenegro a number of years ago, after reading my book on high-dose vitamin d3 therapy.

Up until the year 1999, Zoran was a heavyweight professional boxer. In that year he fought against Wladimir Klitschko who wouild evenutally become the heavyweight champion of the world. Unfortunately Zoran lost  , but that was just the beginning of a bad turn in his life.

Soon after he developed PPMS and eventually became wheelchair bound for many years. Sometime around 2015, Zoran read my book which was difficult for him because his first language is Serbian. However, after making it through the book he decided to give high-dose Vitamin D3 therapy a try. And what a try he did. He was quickly taking a dose as high as 200,000 IU per day. But he was doing it in an intelligent way, by carefully monitoring his blood calcium levels on a monthly basis to make sure they stayed in the normal range. Zoran also was taking high-dose Vitamin K2 which was promoted in my book because it makes taking Vitamin D3 safer by catalyzing the incorporation of blood calcium into one’s bones.

You see the only real danger of taking too high a dose of Vitamin D3 is that it could cause the release of too much calcium into your blood which could lead to kidney stones, improper calcification of soft tissues, nausea, and other bad things. But keep in mind this hypercalcemia effect of Vitamin D3 is much rarer than most doctors would lead you to believe. The good news is, that unlike many Big Pharma drugs, these potential adverse consequences of high-dose Vitamin D3 are easy to reverse by simply stopping intake of D3 to allow your D3 levels to come down.

Zoran’s treatment regimen differed from the Coimbra protocol in that he also took large doses of Vitamin K2 with his high-dose Vitamin D3. IThe Vitamin K2  recharges the proteins that take calcium out of your blood and put it back in your bones. Dr. Coimbra agrees that K2 works at removing calcium from the blood at lower levels of D3 but disputes the idea that at very high doses of D3  that K2 can have any effect. Zoran  may be proving this idea incorrect.

Zoran maintained the 200,000 IU per day for a couple of years and found that it completely halted the progression of his MS. However, after those few years, he was no longer satisfied with this result and embarked on his own experiment of higher and higher doses of D3. At the time of this writing, he claims to be taking 500,000 to 1 million IU’s of D3 per day with lots of K2. Amazingly his blood tests keep coming back with his calcium in the low range of the scale! If anyone is to try what seems like a very dangerous treatment dosage, you should definitely go up gradually, and get your blood calcium checked VERY OFTEN…maybe every 2 weeks for a while. And if you feel nauseous and start losing weight that would be a sign that hypercalcemia was being triggered and you would have to stop and adjust your dosage.

Zoran – Just starting the D3 regimen January 2015 – wheelchair-bound

Zoran recently learning to walk again with the help of his friends.

Here is a link to a video of him standing by himself>>

Zoran’s case differs from those who follow Coimbra’s protocol in that he is taking high-dose Vitamin K2 and does not follow any rules about restricting calcium intake. Coimbra suggests that his patients should take only about 1,000 IU of D3 per kg of body weight per day, and he feels Vitamin K2 has no effect at such high levels of D3. He also instructs his patients to strictly avoid calcium-rich foods and drink an extra liter or 2 per day of water to wash the calcium out of one’s blood. Zoran does not drink extra water nor does he avoid calcium, but he does take large doses of Vitamin K2 with his D3-lkely a more fun lifestyle than not being to ever eat pizza again!

In addition to the many testimonials you can read about Dr. Coimbra’s patients on the internet, you can also use the vitamin D3 1,000+ case studies search engine

Search Engine-Can D3 Cure your Disease? 1000+ Case Studies

and find even a few more testimonials from people treating themselves like these>>

Hi Jeff,

Hope you are having a good summer

Just to jog your memory, last year I wrote to you after reading your books. My 35-years old husband, J*** was newly diagnosed with MS. You told me about Dr. Coimbra’s protocol for MS at the time.

After the tip from you, J*** said goodbye to conventional medical immediately and started the high-dose vitamin D protocol with a doctor trained in it. He’s been on the protocol for 8 months now and we are very happy with the results. His blood reports show no inflammation and the last MRI scan showed no new or active lesions. He still has the old lesions that will probably take a few years to go away, but that can take its own sweet time. We do not mind because it takes time to heal and he is healing very nicely so far. Although he sometimes has some numbness and tingling, he has had no relapses. He is full of energy, you know well how the high doses of vitamin D give you good energy levels and better quality of day to day life. J*** manages a job where he works offshore in long shifts (12 hours or more) when he is onboard the subsea rig where he works. Simultaneously he is also in the middle of his engineering studies and of course, the household calls his attention too as we have 2 little girls. We are otherwise two physically active people who like skiing, sailing, hiking, camping in nature etc. He is able to do all of this like he did before. Crazy to think that he lives such an active life that normal people don’t have the energy for while having MS only by taking high doses of vitamin D and a few other vitamins. This is miraculous!
I only wanted to update you and keep you in the loop. Jaro will be going for an MRI in Oct-Nov period so we will see if there is any change in the liaison, I will let you know.
Keep doing the good work of spreading the news on vitamin D, I owe you and so many others for introducing us to the miraculous of “dangerously high-dose“ vitamin D.

Take care and enjoy the summer.

Best wishes

5.0 out of 5 stars must read for those suffering with MS

By J. Crawford on February 28, 2014

Read this in 2 days, I was fascinated. I’ve had MS way longer I know than 20 years (diagnosed 17 ago). I’ve started high-dose d3 therapy 2 wks ago. I’m not saying I’m CURED, but I can notice a difference in my balance and pain level already and I’m hopeful for further improvement. Read this with an open mind. I’m really happy with, and excited that I found this book!

Here is the follow-up email from Manisha re MS. She suggests if you start d3 immediately upon diagnosis you can nip it in the bud, and one should skip conventional treatment altogether!!


Good to know where you are located. I have neither been to Chicago nor to St. Louis, maybe someday. We live on the west coast of Norway in Bergen, it’s the 2nd largest city in Norway but compared to cities in the US, it can better be called a town or a village really. It rains a lot here, but we are also blessed with beautiful fjords and nature, so we do have something to be happy about. You are very welcome to stay with us any day if you come this way to visit Norway.

Healthcare in Norway is free and the neurologist keeps suggesting expensive, top of the line conventional medicine for Jaro’s MS, but we keep turning down the offers and instead do skype consultations with a doctor in Spain who is trained with Combra protocol. We do the lab work in the only private lab here in the country and order our vitamin D3 and other vitamins on our own from the USA. It’s funny that the doctors and the system are willing to spend huge sums on Jaro’s “supposed” recovery with medicine that will give him cancer and other autoimmune diseases in the future because of the side effects simultaneously while he keeps becoming more and more disabled to the fact the MS progression cannot be stopped and can only be slowed down but they do not want to support us in any alternative medication. On the contrary, they make things difficult for us. But vitamin D is the best way to go! The only thing that works.
I am a member of the N. American facebook group, and the Italian one, and the Brazilan one (hail google translate!). I am also one of the admins of the FB group for Norway. I have been told often to write on progress and experience in the N. American group. I do small updates, but my main mission is to tell new group members to not wait and go for this treatment. We were lucky that we found the link to vitamin D through your book and mail to you early in the diagnosis and we did not wait long. So Jaro had all his functions intact. The little numbness and tingling that he gets sometimes when he is stressed, he can live with he says. But otherwise, the brain is as sharp as anything (brain fog, concentration issues, fatigue are common in early MS). He can sunbath with no issues (discomfort with increased temperature is again early set in MS). All his functions are intact and that is because he started the protocol early. When one waits and wait and gets into the conventional medicine cycle, one or the other bodily function keeps getting weaker and weaker as the body keeps attacking its myeline sheet no matter what conventional medication one is on. One has to start early to lessen the damage. The protocol works wonderfully for almost all autoimmune diseases and I encourage others with various other autoimmune conditions to read up material on the protocol and start.

You may, of course, add my email or parts of it to your book. Knowledge is for sharing, after all.
Take care now and thank you for corresponding. Will catch you again someday soon.


5.0 out of 5 stars Walking Again

By merola on April 27, 2013|>Verified Purchase

I have MS and hadn’t walked in 3 years. AFTER mega dose of D, I am now walking 30-feet with a walker.

5.0 out of 5 stars I advised high dose of vitamin D and vitamin K …

By Imran on March 23, 2016

I advised high-dose of vitamin D and vitamin K to a friend of mine who has been suffering from MS for last 25 years. 
With 2 months of continuous use of vitamin D, she completely recovered from MS. Though she does not have MS anymore, she is still not able to walk. Very slowly recovering from all the damage done by MS. No more MS attacks! Pain-free life.
Thanks very much to Jeff T Bowles for sharing his vitamin D theory to the world. Hope this review helps someone.

Simple and ingenious  (German translation)

From Almut Hauschild On July 15, 2014

Format: Paperback |Verified purchase

I have read the book for a week and immediately ordered Vit D3 and K2. So take six days now 40000IE daily. Many small symptoms of my MS are simply gone – disappeared. The walking distance has also improved from about 20 meters with walking aid and to about 50 meters without walking aid. I’m excited. I will still make about 20 days so lender and then make the blood test.
Is the book actually in French?

I am cured thanks to vitamin D

By GUSTAVG D. on January 3, 2017

SCLEROSIS-EQUATOR-BRAZILIAN-HIGH-DOSE-ebook/product-reviews/B008M0KB3G/”>Format: Kindle Edition

I from Brazil, sorry my English. I have multiple sclerosis. I discovered 5 years ago, I lost my right side movement, so I started the vitamin D treatment. 1 year later I was already “normal”. I have normal life today. I do gym, I run and I do not have any sequels. My dose is 80,000 IU of vitamin D

Shane says:

Cured my ms! The drugs for multiple sclerosis are a joke! VD3 and healthy eating is the cure!

Doctors are not as smart as people think.

And one final interesting note is to consider the case of the dramatic rise in MS plaguing women in Iran since the 1980’s….it suggests that Vitamin D3 deficiency is actually the cause of MS. This goes a long way towards explaining why high-dose Vitamin D3 is also the cure.


Between 1989 and 2006, the incidence of MS in Iran increased more than eight-fold

One striking example of the rise in MS is in Iran where, after the Islamic revolution in 1979, women were compelled by law to wear the veil outdoors together with clothing covering most of the body. Between 1989 and 2006, the incidence of MS in Iran increased more than eight-fold, from an incidence of about one case in 100,000 to nearly one in 10,000 in the city of Isfahan.

“The Islamic revolution can potentially explain the observed increase in MS incidence in Iran in just over 30 years,” said Dr, Ramagopalan. “Veiled women have lower vitamin D levels compared to unveiled women, giving an increased risk of low vitamin D in pregnancy which can account for the increase in MS.”


And finally, if you plan on performing your own high dose Vitamin D3/Vitamin K2 experiment  to treat your MS  or other condition. You might want to consider buying bulk powder vitamins/hormones  rather than pills given the high doses involved  and the high cost of pills. For example Vitamin K2  can cost  $6,500 per gram if you buy Dr. Mercola’s pills, 30X the cost of gold!! If you buy pure bulk K2 powder  you can get it for just $15 per gram. It’s not just BigPharma who is ripping us off! Find out more from this article>>>>

How to Save 90%+ on Vitamins, Hormones:BUY Bulk Powder-Vit K2 Can Cost 30X More Than Gold!



This was translated  from the orignal language  to English with google translator  so it is not a perfect translation but will give you the main idea of Zoran’s continuing story>>>>


As Zoran Vujicic stopped MS: Only surrender has no chance to win

As Zoran Vujicic stopped MS: Only surrender has no chance to win

We finished talking in about an hour, laughing at both. If I called him only two or three years ago, Niksicanin Zoran Vujicic could not speak for five minutes. Perhaps a minute or two.

Zoran is a former boxer, now a man who takes a daily dose of vitamin D (D3) 2,500 times higher than recommended by doctors, breaks all records in the fight against multiple sclerosis (MS), chronic autoimmune diseases of the central nervous system. The disease was diagnosed with him twenty years ago, and after four years of vitamin D, Zoran claims he won this battle.

Now she is practicing and planning daily, although she is still immovable for years, again stands on her feet.

“Every day, except Sundays, an exercise bench, standing in the hallway, I drive a home bike, I work squats and at the end of my abdominal exercise. The most important ‘exercise’ is rapid weight loss. By the New Year, and maybe before, I’ll be on my feet, “Zoran recently said in one of the announcements on the social network Facebook.


Vujičić fell in love with boxing through Scorsese’s Raging bull, a film about the life of legendary boxer Jack LaMote, played by Robert De Niro in this performance. He entered this sport as an excellent student of the third year of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade and reached the peaks of professional boxing Europe and the match with Vladimir Klick.

The match with Klitschko appeared to be fateful, as the Ukrainian boxer in years after Vujicic’s diagnosis was announced, will be his great support. He has never forgotten his rival, and now he helps Zoran to provide the necessary therapy.

With the brothers Klitschko, Vitali and Vladimir, Hamburg, 2013 – Photo: Private archive

Vitamin D3, the answer he asked for years

To have the most severe, primarily progressive form of MS , Vujičić was told in 1999 by a neurologist Vladimir Lević from Belgrade.

In the beginning he, like others, took the treatment recommended by official medicine. The disease progressed, he was no longer able to move, he used a wheelchair for years, he slept badly or not, and in 2015 he started losing his voice.

In January of that year, on the proposal of a friend with the same diagnosis, he began to drink vitamin D. It would quickly turn out to be the answer he asked for.

” The MS shape I’m suffering from is fatal . The only officially approved drug costs 12,000 euros per patient and stops progression of the disease by only three percent. In my case, vitamin D stopped the disease – completely, “Zoran says.

The confirmation that the further progress of the disease was stopped by the doctor, including Boro Perovic, a neurologist at the General Hospital in Niksic.

Report by a neurologist Perović from the General Hospital in Nikšić – Photo: Private archive

“A friend who recommended me Vitamin D did not have the clue that it is a cure for MS,” says Zoran, and recalls that she, after recommending her, asked what side effects she had and found the book “Wonderful results of extremely high levels of sunburn of vitamin D3 “ , Authored by Jeff Bouls of Chicago,” the greatest fighter for the truth about vitamin D “.

Encouraged by Bouls research, Zoran began to take vitamin D, initially in small doses of 400 units, to gradually increase the dose and reach 100,000. He drank up to 250 tablets at once and claimed that the first doses of vitamin D had yielded results, and that the first magnetic resonance imaging showed a 100 percent stopping of the lesions.

“In the world of medicine, this is also unclear in the easiest, relapse-remotent form of the disease (RR-form), which occurs in 80 percent of patients.”


With D3, take vitamin K2

The initiator of the protocol that Vujicic uses in treating MS is Brazilian neurologist Cicero Coimbra , a professor at the University of Sao Paulo. Coimbra has been searching for the causes of autoimmune diseases and has encountered a large number of articles about how much vitamin D is important as a regulator of the immune system.

The Koimbra protocol is now known all over the world, and patients suggest that they bear in mind that daily doses vary from patient to patient and are based on laboratory findings.

The protocol stipulates that with the recommended daily doses of vitamin D of 100,000 units, foods containing calcium are avoided and, in order to eliminate the excess of that vitamin, they bring large amounts of water into the body.

Coimbra, except that it does not recommend vitamin K2, has never recommended someone to take a million units a day, how much vitamin D is taken daily by Zoran Vujicic.

“The protocol he thought was a miracle of the world, compared to my peasant girlfriend,” he says with a smile, adding that his million units do not drink at enormous amounts, but only with one bottle of water.

The doses of the medicine that Zoran takes up to 2,500 times are higher than those recommended by official medicine, and 10 times higher than the recommendations of a neurologist from Brazil.

In order to provide a level of vitamin D that does not compromise his health, he started to drink vitamin K2.

Zoran drinks 25,000 capsules per year, of which 12,000 vitamins K2 – Photo: Private archive

Such treatment is also recommended by Jeff Boults, with whom Vujičić is in contact with the first knowledge about him and his struggle to prove all the advantages of the theory in treating MS with vitamin D.

Bouls presented the case of Vujičić in one of the posts on his website , describing him as special.

“After reading my book, he decided to start taking high doses of vitamin D3 and did what I recommended. However, he quickly began to take doses greater than 200,000 IU per day, but he did it wisely, so he checked the level of calcium in his blood each month to keep that vitamin well within normal limits. He also took high doses of vitamin K2, which ensures the return of calcium in the bone, “Bouls wrote about the Niksicanin case in the article on treatments for treating MS.

What loses the man who is in front of the shooting water?

Zoran Vujičić drinks 25,000 capsules annually, of which 12,000 vitamin K2. It takes magnesium, drinks teas, elixirs …

Decide to practically be a guinea pig in the experiment and take unusually large amounts of the drug, which quickly exceeded 200,000IU, and by the time reaching five times the stronger dose, it is not easy and not for everyone. For Zoran, the decision was simple.

“People are scared of 50,000, 100,000 IU. Official medicine recommends 400 to 600. But what can a man who is in front of the shooting water lose? What is she afraid of? ”

Zoran sometimes (left) and today (right) – Photo: Private archive

Zoran today in Ise no problems with insomnia , can not sleep and 12 hours a day – without interruption, and his mood is , shows significantly improved .

“I could not hold my phone for a minute, two, and now I can talk for hours. And my findings are like the healthiest man . I can, with assistance, stand for a long time, with a load of 100 kilograms. I still can not walk and start my hands, but – let’s move on. Only the one who surrenders, there is no chance to win. ”

Vujicic does not buy drugs in Montenegrin pharmacies for a long time because he does not pay off – he has spent 20,000 euros from the beginning of this year for treatment.

“What I pay 13 euros in the United States, I paid 650 here.”

About 600 people in Montenegro, mostly in Niksic

According to data provided by the director of the Clinical Center Jevto Erakovic in April , there are about 600 patients with MS in Montenegro . According to the previous reports of the Association of People with Disabilities , such statistics are classified as high risk countries by Montenegro.

The majority of patients are in Niksic, and Vujicic adds that the number of patients is higher in the north at all.

MSs, as reported by the Association, usually bind to specific climatic areas and are rare in tropical countries. They also add that the MS is immune to Eskimos and Roma.

Vujičić says vitamin D is not recommended only for MS, but for other conditions and diagnosis, such as psoriasis, where, says “real wonders”.




31 thoughts on “The HIGH-DOSE Vitamin D3 CURE for Multiple Sclerosis – Now Sweeping the Planet – Case Studies #14”

  1. Dear Mr Bowles,
    it is great that you are writing about the voimbra protocol. Unfortunately some of the shared information is not correct:
    – Nor Dr. Coimbra neither any trained protocol doctor has ever given daily doses of 1.000.000 ie of Vitamin D. The highest dose that has ever been applied by a protocol doctor is 350.000 ie – and that was a very rare and special case of an obese person. Usually doses range between 30.000 – 150.000 ie according to the patients lab results.
    – Dr. Coimbra never ever speaks of „healing“ MS. Autoimmune diseases can come to a halt and stay in stable remission as long as the recommended personal dose is taken. According to the recent state of research and knowledge the Vitamin D doses have to be taken lifelong, otherwise the illness would return again.
    – It would be great if you can add the security warning that patients have to see a trained and certified doctor to be on the save side and should never take high doses of Vitamin D without being monitored regularly.

    Maybe you would like to share with the world that in April 2018 Dr. Coimbra and many other international scientists like Dr. Michael Holick, Prof. Carlberg and Prof. Friedemann Paul will come together at the 5th annual Vitamin D congress of Prof. Jörg Spitz at Frankfurt university, germany. We are presenting the coimbra protocol to the german medical world and will share information about the recent state of research.

    Thanks for your great work!

    Christina Kiening, protocol patient
    founder of the german Facebook group „Gruppe Coimbraprotokoll“ and founder of the german doctors network „Netzwerk Coimbraprotokoll“

  2. Hello Christina-
    Thanks for repsonding
    If you read the full article you will see I was discussing the case of ex-heavyweight boxer Zoran Vujicic who takes now 1 million a day of Vitamin D3, and he is not under a doctor’s supervision as far as any protocol goes. He sets that himself. he does do regular blood testing to make sure his calcium and PTH levels are all ok. He also takes large amounts of Vitamin K2, so in a sense he is creating his own protocol which differs from Coimbra’s approach in dosing and K2. And yes anyone who is unsure about doing their own monitoring of their blood tests wold be advised to pay a doctor to supervise them.

    1. If you are looking ifr MS doctors google dr coimbra’s list of participating doctors>>>

      here they are>>>
      Dra. Suzana Tanimoto, MD
      77 8th Street South
      Naples, 34102, FL
      (239) 325-2015

      Dr. Barrett R. Ginsberg, M.D.
      77 8th Street South
      Naples, 34102, FL
      (239) 325-2015
      Note: Dr. Ginsberg works via skype

      Dr. Scott Jensen
      21321 E. Ocotillo Rd. #123
      Queen Creek, AZ 85142
      Phone (480) 677-3688
      Fax (480) 677-8293

      Dr. Brian Lamkin D.O.
      Lamkin Clinic offers Telemedicine Service
      120 N. Bryant Ste. A9
      Edmond, OK (Oklahoma) 73034
      (405) 285-4762

      Dr. Edward Les Cole, MD
      St. Petersburg Health & Wellness
      2100 Dr. MLK Jr. St. N.
      St. Petersburg, FL 33704
      Phone: (727) 202-6807
      Fax: (727) 498-6642

  3. I did hsct 10 months ago I’ve been taking 15000 iu a day and have been warned it’s to much I weigh 240 lbs according to this I should be taking 109000 iu a day how do I get pills this strong

    1. Hi there I would only take 109,000 a day if I were you if you are trying to cure MS or some other autoimmune disease..
      .Do you have any chronic issues you are tryibng to heal???
      If not you would probably be fine taking 100,000 a day for 1 week to fill the tank then maybe 20,000 a day maintenance dose for life…
      Since I see you are wanting to cure MS you would likely have to tale 100,000 a day for life.

      along with some vit k2

      you can get all the stuff CHEAP and HIGH QUALITY by buying bulk powder for Peter at you can get his info at the website

      thanx JB

    1. hi there do a google search for Coimbra protocol Doctors…there are a number of them here in the US

  4. I love to read about all of the healing from D3. I read a couple of months ago that you would have a new book coming out in April. Is is out yet? If so, where can I get it?

    1. Hello Josephine

      Thanks for writing….The book has been delayed for a bit….New things keep popping up that attract my research attention and I just can’t let go for now..and/or I get new translation offers and have to help on those projects….(recently the book has been translated to Sweish, Japanese, and portuguese-french coming soon!…..Thanks in the meantime, keep an eye on the blog posts as they have new information popping up at least once a month.

  5. Are there any doctors helping doing Coimbra or own D3 protocol in Denmark or Thailand.
    Or do you know any doctors in these countries that would be willing to help monitoring such a treatment.?
    Thank you

    1. Hi there

      If I were you I would not waste my money on a doctor; all you need to do is get your blood calcium tested every two months or so and Parathyroid hormone . can ask any doctor to do that or go to a employee drug testing service and have them take your blood and send it to a service you can find on the
      internet…in the US we use $40 blood test. As long as your calcium is in the normal have nothing to worry about..Coimbra has his pateints
      take 1,000 IU of d3 per day per kg of body weight. I aslo suggest taking a high dsoe of vitamin k2 with it as explained in my book…It helps in taking
      calcium out of blood and putting bnack in your bones

      But if you must use a Dr.>>

      I couldn’t find any in Denmark but there is one in the netherlands and one in norawy…None I can find in asia

      here is a link for the list>>

      Dr. med. Rainer Didier
      Facharzt Allgemeinmedizin
      Ernährungsmedizin und Umwelt Medizin
      Nordhofstr. 173
      32130 Enger
      Phone. : +49 5224-994677
      Facebook: dieGanzheitlicheMedizin
      Facebook: OhneSchadstoffe

      Dr. Fedor Mataić
      City: Oslo
      Address: Ole Vigs gate 186 0366 Oslo
      Phone: 4828354
      E-mail: [email protected]

  6. Do you have any concerns re vit d3 toxicity? Chris Masterjohn and Rhonda Patrick assert there is a sweet spot and that too much d3 can cause calcium to leech into soft tissue. I would love to hear what you think. Also why haven’t you done more radio/podcast interviews. I’ve only found one and it ended abruptly. You were very engaging.

    1. Hello! I used to worry about Vitamin D3 toxicity until I met a man over the internet-the heavyweight boxer mentioned in the MS article who takes 1 million IU’s of D3 per day and lots of Vitamin K2 to keep the calcium in his bones and out of his soft tissues.His blood calcium tests in the low -normal range – which is all you need to worry about; the level of D3 in the blood is not dangerous , only the calcium if it gets too high. Another thing that Masterjohn wrote was a journal article in medical Hypotheses where he compared all the symptoms of Vitamin D3 toxicity to Vitamin K2 deficiency-they were pretty much an exact match. So it turns out high levels of Vitamin D3 in the blood lead to high levels of calcium in the blood because it depletes the Vitamin K2 in your system. Vitamin K2 is important as it is involved in recharging the protein- osteocalcin that grabs calcium from your blood and puts it back in your bones.So as long as you supplement with enough K2 apparently you can take almost any amount of D3 safely. This is s till an experimental idea!! I have been taking 100,000 iu a day for several months now and am now testing the taking of 150,000 iu per day-with lots of k2 of course! So it is important if you do this to monitor your blood calcium levels every few months.
      I am starting to come to the thinking that Big Medicine redefined 25 mg of Vitamin D to be 1 million IU’s or a reason-to keep people from taking therapeutic doses of it! When did this happen? The history of D3 is in the back of my D3 book- but basically in the 1920’s Vitamin D2 (the weaker plant-based version of D3) had recently been discovered and there was a vitamin D2 craze- they were putting it in all sorts of food from beer to hot dogs! People were routinely taking 25 mg per day! And nobody was getting sick! This was especially concerning to the medical industry which in the 1920’s had gone on a big building boom -building many more hospitals than had existed before to bring the health industry out of people’s homes and into the hospitals. that is when someone had the idea to redefine 25 mg of Vitamin D as 1 million IUs and to warn everyone not to take more than 400 IU per day because it was “dangerous”. Well after that the empty hospitals filled up again and our modern medical industry was born.

      And thank you so much for listening to that podcast on youtube (you can easily find it by searching “high dose vitamin d3” )…I haven’t done many podcasts because I wait for people to ask me for an interview, and I have a few requests I still have to answer. I never thought of doing one on my own-that seems kind of weird to me!! Glad someone is listening!! thanks. We are supposed to do a part 2 of that podcast sometime soon so stay tuned! The subject will be amazing case studies I have heard about from people taking high dose D3 and we might add some melatonin talk.

  7. Hi,

    I recently raised my dosage of D3 from 10.000 to 20.000 UI, and it’s not going so well. I feel really tired, I find it difficult to get up in the morning, as when I wake up it feels like a train rolled onver my body the whole night.
    I take these 20.000 UI with magnesium and calcium of course, but I have no way to figure out if I’m taking the right doses? Here are the supplements I’m taking each day:

    D3 20.000 UI
    Magnesium 250 mg
    Potassium 100 mg
    Vitamin K2-MK7 200 mcg
    K2 complex: K1 1500 mcg + K2-MK4 1000 mcg + K2-MK7 100 mcg per day

    Maybe I’m taking too much calcium? should I get rid of the K2 complex, supplements? For now I’ll stop everything for a few days, because I feel too tired for my own good. I you could share some advice…. thank you.

    1. Hello Christophe thanks for writing…in about 99% of the cases where vitamin d3 elicits a negative response initially it is almost always an underlying magnesium deficiency. So one would think taking 250 mg of magnesium per day is enough but often it cannot make up for a pretty significant deficiency which takes years to develop and weeks to correct. you should read Dr Dean’s book on Magnesium deficiency where she will have you drink sips of magnesium solution all through the day to avoid diarrhea associated with single doses that are too large. Vitamon d3 can aggravate underlying magnesium deficiencies… should read the article why 80% of us are magnesium deficient….and see if you have any of the other symptoms, fatigue is one of them. >>>>

    2. oh also, you generally do not need to take calcium with d3 as it turns out the only possible way d3 can become harmful is if it causes too much calcium to end up in your blood due to bone and joint remodeling. The k2 is what puts the calcium back in your bones…

  8. Hello Jeff, thank you for your answer.
    Tiredness appart, I observe that I feel more quiet, and have a clearer mind since I take 20.000 ui. Overall, taking d3 seems to have helped for my digestion/transit problems, and also helps me to overcome food intolerances.
    In fact I gradually raised d3, starting from 4000, then 8000, then 10.000 for a month. I started to feel tired recently, only when I raised to 20.000 UI plus calcium supplements, So I understand that I should take more magnesium, and stop all calcium supplements?

    1. Hi Christophe yes that sounds like it should help you out…I doubt the calcium supplements are influencing your tiredness, but they are not necessary when taking higher doses of Vitamin D3. Now to keep things in perspective, a typical adult can make 20,000 iu s of Vitamin D3 in their skin just be sunbathing for 1/2 hour in the summer sun! So 20,000 iu s causing your tiredness is suggesting another underlying condition which I a pretty confident in saying that it is a magnesium deficiency. And also it is interesting to know that there are no good tests for magnesium deficiency (at least blood tests) as blood-magnesium is tightly controlled and 99% of your magnesium is stored in your tissues. So the only way to diagnose it is to look at the magnesium deficiency symptoms list….OR take tissue biopsies (ouch) OR the 24 hour urine collection test where they inject you with a large amount of magnesium then measure how much comes out in your urine over 24 hours. If nothing comes out your body is MG starved!

  9. Hi Jeff,

    I was just told by a friend of mine who has MS that her MD told her to reduce her Vit. D from 8000 to 4000 because her blood test revealed her kidneys were somehow affected by the Vit. D. Is this possible?

    1. Hi Diane

      That sounds pretty unlikely , as if you just sunbathed for 1/2 hour in the summer your skin would make 20,000 iu of Vitamin d3 in a normal healthy adult.
      So I would demand to see exactly what test results the doctor was referring to and also go out and get a second opinion/ blood test .
      You see 4,000 iu of d3 is close to taking nothing, And if your friend wants to cure MS witb the Dr Coimbra protocol the friend would need to be taking 1,000 IU of d3 per kg of body weight per day.
      I think it is actually more likley that the doctor is lying and just trying to get her to take less Vitamin D3 due to some irrational fear of it. AND if it was damaging her kidneys why would the doctor tell her to keep taking 4000 iu a day instead of stopping altogether? Makes No sense at all! i would switch doctors.

  10. Can you recommend a ratio of MK-7 to IUs of D3 to keep everything in balance? I’m thinking of starting a D3 program to possibly help my emphysema but I’d like to get this ratio (if there is one) before I start. Thank you.

    PS: I have purchased your new book from Amazon. Amazon telles me to expect it on the 18th or 19th of June.

    1. HI Tom send me an email if you look you can find it in my book Jeffbo at ???.com

    2. Hello Tom

      taking calcium wuith high dose d3 is generally not a good idea as the only danger that high dose d3 can
      have is causing too much calcium in your blood or aggravating a magnesoum deficiency…
      after I took 20 to 25,000 IUs of d3 a day for a few wmonths my d3 blood level was 125 ng/ml
      normal range in US is 30 to 100 ng/ml

      but you cant get the healing results/disease cures/ chronic issues unless your d3 level is about 125 to 150 ng/ml

      I will now paste in an email I send out when asked this quetion I will update my recent bbook with this info soon

      a good place for blood tests is to order them from
      they will send you a sheet you take to neerest labcorp who will draw yur blood
      you will then get test result by email in 3 days…You do nto need an appointment at labcorp
      but find one that is not crowded I found one in Chciago that never had a wait…and one that had about a 40 miunte wait

      I would suggest

      800 mcg (micrograms) of the mk7 tyype of K2 with each 10,000 IU of d3


      4000 mcg = 4 mg of the weaker but more natural mk4 type of k2 with each 10,000 iu of d3

      you can get $15 per gram k2 of both kinds fomr [email protected]

      check out the info at about peter taking k2 in pill form will cost a fortune


      I woudld also take anywhere from 250 mg 2x per day of extended relase magnesium to 500mg 2x a day or even 750 mg 2x a sday

      as much as you can handle for a 1 year period if you think you are mag deficient or are taking high dose d3 if you have diarrhea after
      1week or so cut down the doaage until you are ok with it..

      I get the extended release kind fromm it stays in yur blood for 6 hours at a time..must have high blood levels all the time

      to reverse deficiency

      boron if you get the little 3 mg pills 18 mg 2 x per day with some zinc piccolinate 50 mg 2 x a day
      if you take borax laundry powder (20 mule team) take 1/8th a teaspoon 2x per day

  11. Hey Jeff,

    I’m looking at a possible lupus diagnosis but right now getting tests here (United Kingdom) in the pandemic is difficult. So I was thinking of starting a high dose Vitamin D plan. I will refuse steroids and other awful drugs. What dosages do you recommend? and do you think Vit D can at least treat lupus? I’m not hoping for miracles although a cure would be great. Many thanks!

    1. Hi Dan

      great news high dose vitamin d3 cures lupus google the coimbra protocol and lupus or just search lupus at this link>>>

      they use 1,000 ius of d3 per kg of body weight per day for the dr coimbra protocol you should also read my book the miraculous cure for and prevention of all diseases-what doctors never learned to add the 5 important cofactors….Dr Coimbra does no know much about the cofactors…. my fee? buy a bunch of my books abnd hand them out to friends and people you know and don’t know…and email gift ebooks to everyone!!!

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