Case Study #5-Cardiac Surgeon cures his Ulcerative Colitis w/ Vit D3-Big When drugs did not work

A Cardiac Surgeon discusses how he cured his Ulcerative Colitis of 10 years with high dose D3 while all the Big Pharma drugs did not work-Case Study #5

Here is a recent email exchange between me and a cardiac surgeon from Italy who cured his ulcerative colitis with 80,000 iu of d3 a day… he had the disease for 10 years and tried all the drugs to no avail:

Dr. –

No problem Jeff. It is a big pleasure.

Jeff –

I will leave your name out but I might mention that you are a doctor what kind are you??

Dr. –

Very good. I am a resident in cardiac surgery.

Jeff –

and that is a great story….so did you have the herpes that we call cold sores….or the kind you sometimes get from sex???

Dr. –

Yes I used to have what you call “cold sore” and now, when it must occur (very very rare), it lasts barely two days! WONDERFUL!

Jeff –

thanks for this great information
hey if you can get Peter to send vitamin k2 to italy you can get it in really cheap powder form
go see his price at I think it is 5 whole grams for $80…!! if you buy k2 in pills they charge you about $6,500 per gram

Dr. –

Thanks Jeff! This morning I got Peter’s reply.

Jeff –

Hello Augusto

That is great news…I have not yet heard from anyone curing their UC with high dose d3..
I have heard of Crohn;s disease and IBD cures but you are the first UC….

could you do me a favor? It would be great if you would write me an email describing your journey….and I could add it to the end of the book with the testimonials….

For example maybe you could briefly explain

Your symptoms from UC and how long you had it?
Other drugs and therapies you tried before D3?
How much D3 did you take and how long before you noticed results?
How long until the cure?
Any other problems cured?
Any side effects?
How it makes you feel??? etc…..and anything else you might want to add….id love to add it as a testimonial ..and Ill leave your last name out of it if you wish…

Dr. –

My history UC started when I was 18 (2003).

Of course anyone knows UC symptoms. Over last 10 years I tried Glucocorticoids, Azathioprine, Mesalazine and of course restricted diet. Nothing worked very well and I’ve been always at “the edge” between ill and wellness. Up to January 2013 when I started myself vitamin D…initially with 30.000 UI and after 30 days ALL symptoms were gone. After 2 months, april I think, I felt something was going wrong so from May (2013) started taking 1.000 IU/kg. At that time I was 70 kg…so I did 70.000 IU.

Now I take 80.000 iU/per day and I feel SIMPLY great…physically and mentally speaking! I feel like one is completely in Health!. Obviously I am not taking any conventional drugs anymore.
I pay attention on avoiding calcium source, drink at least 2,5 liquid per day…and now I take high doses of Vitamin K2 as well.

I also pay attention on urinary calcium collected in 24 hours to avoid nephrocalcinosis.

Since when I started this supplementation I’ve never got a flu anymore. i used to have herpes simplex labials… never had anymore as well!…feel more focused on work, more powerful, stronger and so on!

Of course you can leave my last name out of my testimonial.

Jeff –

if you are worried about the first signs of d3 toxicity…out of 600 experimenters I have heard of two cases of kidney stones after about 6 months but they weren’t taking much k2….and one had a family history of kidney stones…they were taking about 60,000 for 6 months or so..

another 2 cases ..extreme toxicity first symptoms nausea loss of appetite vomiting… had dramatic weight loss over 5 weeks 185 pounds to 135 pounds….

what did they do? the first guy kept taking higher and higher doses as it eased his ankylosing spondulitis pain….probably not enough k2…was taking 600,000 iu a day + for at least 6 months got nausea and vomiting and stopped the d3 and then had EXTREME PAIN that not even 12 oxycontin/day could help….I suggested he take high dose melatonin (another hormone that seems to counteracxt d3 ) while he was detoxing…..high dose melatonin worked!! he only needed one oxy a day got his d3 levels down in about a month..his wife finally thinks she found a cure for him with Borax or Boron…

the 2nd guy did not read my book and just started taking 300,000 a day with very little k2 for a number of months (on advice from a nurse) …then started being nauseous and losing weight…thought he had a stomach virus kept taking the d3 even while not eating and nauseous in 5 weeks he went from 180 to 135 pounds when his wife wrote me…I said go to the emergency room….they put him on an IV to get his d3 down and he is making a recovery…

so I thought you would find that interesting

oh and one lady in germany started taking 100,000 a day for 7 days as promoted in a german book on d3 called healthy in 7 days…her heart started flipping out…the MD’s told her she needed a pacemaker….

I told her lots of d3 can unmask a magnesium deficiency and cause heart trouble she took large doses of magnesium for a week or so and was fine no more heart problems/….!! back on high dose d3/k2.

thanks Jeff

Dr. –

Hello there

80,000 a day seems a little high to start out with…@! but it depends on how much you weigh

I weigh 71 kg (156 pounds)

Jeff –

I got a lot of good results taking 25,000 a day while I weighed about 200 pounds

after three months of that I upped it to 50,000 then to 70,000 for the rest of the year

Dr. –

Yes I read your book in about one day (this morning) so i decided to email to you.

I have been doing this for an year (from about January)…My UC is completely healed! (I’ve been to a Brazilian physician that cure autoimmune disorders with high doses of vitamin D, but he don’t use Vitamin K2). I am a doctor as well and I am collaborating with him and I’d like to suggest to introduce vitamin K2 to his protocol. Hope you can help.

I feel super! But I’d like to optimize my bones health and avoid my soft tissues calcification.

And finally, if you plan on performing your own high dose Vitamin D3/Vitamin K2 experiment  to treat your ulcerative colitis  or other condition. You might want to consider buying bulk powder vitamins/hormones  rather than pills given the high doses involved  and the high cost of pills. For example Vitamin K2  can cost  $6,500 per gram if you buy Dr. Mercola’s pills, 30X the cost of gold!! If you buy pure bulk K2 powder  you can get it for just $15 per gram. It’s not just BigPharma who is ripping us off! Find out more from this article>>>>

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