High Dose Vitamin D3 Cures Acne Even When Accutane Does Not Work Case Studies#15

After writing what was to become the best selling book in the world on Vitamin D3 about 6 years ago, I have been bombarded by testimonals from people have conducted their own high dose Vitamin D3 experiments.  As far as acne goes……this is the one review that really stands out.

July 18, 2017

A recent review: Cures acne in 1 month better than Acutane:

Jeff-Just wanted to give you an interesting update. I have had my son on high dose D3 (and K2) for a month or so now.  He is 19 and has had severe acne since about 16.  He went on on Acutane when he was junior in high school and of course this dangerous drug worked; temporarily.  I was reluctant to try this drug, however, it is hard enough being a teenager! After about a year his acne returned.I am happy to report that his face is almost completely cleared! Cindy M.

(I believe the son was taking 20,000 IU per day of Vitamin D3.-And tjhat would be my reccomended dose for most people tryng to cure acne)-It is the same amount of D3  that most people make while sitting in the sun for 1/2 hour withhout sun screen.

I would like to add my own little story which is discussed in detail in my book about a subcutaneous sebaceous cyst I had on my face for  more than 20 years. It used to fill with oil and from time to time get infected. You could sueeze it out  but it never went away completely. After  about 9 months  on a high dose Vitamin D3  experiment, one day it just popped on it’s own while I was lying in bed! I felt the oil  just running down my cheek.  and that was it  20+ years later. I had seen doctors about it  who lanced it to no effect. And a later doctor suggested  punching a circular hole in it with a biopsy punch  and “scraping out the capsule”. He did note that it would leave an ugly scar, and he did not recommend it.

There are quite a few other testimonials  and you can view them all by using the High Dose Vitamin D3 Search Engine  at this website….Just do 2 separate searches  one  for acne  and one for pimples  and you will get the idea..

You will find other testimonials like this one from an Australian Aborigine-Sammy Peeku-

An email about pimples libido and other things

Dear Jeff,

Update on D3I have been taking 2 capsules of 10,000 per day (3 weeks) and I tell you I now feel younger and my body is full of life.  My Libido is fantastic for someone 75.My wife started 2 weeks ago.  She has some sort of skin itching problem on the legs, looks like “Psoriasis”  she has this problem for about 14 months.  Her doctor has prescribed many tablets and lotions and the problem persisted.  Now after taking D3 the skin looks almost normal and the itching was gone within days of taking D3.I gave some D3 capsules (10,000) for a friend to try, he ordered some and he has been taking them for about 2 weeks.10 days ago he came to see me with his 15 yr old son whose face is full of pimples.  I gave him a capsule immediately and told him to take 2 a day.This morning his father came to see me and he told me his sons pimples have all but disappeared.  My friend has a beautiful color in his face and he told me that he has never felt better.  He does weight lifting and he says that when he did that he had muscle aches for 24 hrs now he says he lifts same weights and no aches.  Hi Libido is high (he compares it to viagra) Now Jeff I will fill you in on “Melatonin” powder. I used to wake up at least 5 – 8 times per night to urinate.  I never slept good. I have been taking about Melatonin 1/6 teaspoon every night. I only urinate 1 am and 6 am almost like clockwork.  I have a very fulfilling sleep.  I don’t know about my hair yet.

Kind regards, Sammy

And these-

June 2, 2017
Think you have a Thyroid condition. It’s really a Vitamin D deficiency.By Nora on May 9, 2015Format: Paperback|Verified PurchaseHe seems to be on to something here. If you can get around his rambling ADHD writing style. I take 20,000iu Vitamin D daily, now. Had a tremendously positive impact on my life. Weight loss, increased energy. Cured my sons Acne. Cured my wives thyroid symptoms.

June 2, 2017
put me in a better mood all the timeBy Fujibear on June 22, 2016Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase30k for just under a month, and I already have a list of noticeable changes: Improved my vision, put me in a better mood all the time, SIGNIFICANTLY improved my acne, sleep better, and probably more I can’t think of right now. I’m trying to get my parents on it too.

Now, I also would like to add that you should avoid Accutane  except as a last resort. In some people I have heard  it can cause  permanent dark circles around one’s eyes,  and arthritis, and other side effects.  Accutane was orignally developed as a chemotherapy drug, and basically what it is doing is giving you Vitamin A poisoning  for a few months which can have life long  negative consequences. The side effects  don’t affect everyone, but why take the risk if high dose Vitamin D3 will work for you? Do yourself a favor  and try high dose Vitamin D3  as the first  resort, Accutane  as the last.

And finally, from what I have read on the internet, doctors  still do not know why or how Accutane works. While Vitamin D3  likely works in two ways. First, it supertunes your immune system by altering the activity of 2,000+ genes  to more effectively seek out and destroy  harmful  bacteria, viruses, fungii, (and even cancer cells-which most pelople produce every day!) Many  people who take high dose D3 say that they no longer get colds  for many years at a time. I personally have not had a cold for 15 years. This suggests the immune system is made  much more vigilant against virus-infected cells. High dose D3  also cleared up an under-the-toenail fungal infection I had had for 20 years+ (the kind that gives you yellow toenails and you catch in the gym showers). So D3  also likely similarly works on acne by tuning the immune system to kill off the bacteria  that cause infections in the clogged pores. A second way it likely works  is through its remodeling-promotion function. D3  remodels  bones and joints and lately has been found to remodel internal tissues as well such as the myelin sheaths that enclose your nerves and acquire lesions when one gets  MS. I expedct D3 will be found to accelrate the skin turnover and thus acne lesion helaing process, much like Retin A works on acne by accelerating the time cycle that acne lesions go through from initiition to repair.

What follows from here is the article I had orignally  uploaded before  receiving a bunch of testimonials back  from the readers-

You’ve been suffering from acne for quite some time now. When you search the net on how to cure acne, you are bombarded with several solutions including dietary regimens, bottles of pills, expensive therapies, and many more. All of these promise to cure your acne and make your skin healthy and younger-looking again. However, all these suggested solutions are just that, promises. It seems like none of these work and you are still suffering from acne.

What Is Acne?

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions. It is a chronic, inflammatory condition of the skin. About 80 percent of the U.S. population between 11 and 30 years old will likely be affected by acne at some point. In most cases, acne begins during the teen years when the male hormone androgens are increased in both girls and boys. With increased androgens, the sebaceous glands become more active. This leads to increased production of oil or sebum.


Vitamin D


When there is over-activity of the skin’s oil glands, the canals responsible for bringing the oil to the surface is blocked with keratin. Keratin is a protein that binds the skin cells together. It is formed when keratinocytes multiply at a rapid rate. The combination of sebum and excess keratin leads to blocked pores. The bacteria that are normally found in the oil and on the skin are trapped in the blocked pores. The trapped bacteria multiply and cause skin irritation and inflammation.

Scientists are now discovering some promising solutions for the treatment of acne, such as Vitamin D3. There have been a number of studies conducted to look into the relationship between acne and Vitamin D3. These studies reveal that people with acne are more likely to be Vitamin D3 deficient compared to those without acne. The studies also show that vitamin D3 supplements can help reduce acne.

What Is Vitamin D3?

Vitamin D3 is NOT A VITAMIN !  But rather a seco-steroid hormone that plays multiple roles in the body. It is important in maintaining healthy bones and teeth, regulating insulin levels, influencing over 2,000+ genes involved in tissue  and bone remodeling  as well as  immune system  modulation. your skin makes active Vitamin D3  when exposed  to the sun or sunlamps that emit UV-B rays.


Vitamin D


Once the body absorbs the activated Vitamin D3 from yuour skin  or from your diet, it will undergo a chemical process in the liver in order to be absorbed into the bloodstream. The blood directs it through the tissues and into the kidney. In the kidney, it will be converted into calcitriol, its activated form. Calcitriol will now be able to support the absorption of calcium. It will also aid in cell growth and functions.

Vitamin D3 and Acne

  • Vitamin D3 stimulates the T-cells to fight infections caused by foreign bodies such as bacteria. Adequate Vitamin D3 levels will help fight the P. acnes bacteria, which is responsible for acne.
  • Vitamin D3 regulates the production of sebum and minimize over-active cell turnover. These help reduce the occurrence of severe skin conditions like eczema and acne.
  • Vitamin D3 helps reduce stress and manage depression. Imbalance in the body hormones due to stress or depression can result to various skin conditions including acne.
  • Vitamin D3 helps counteract skin inflammations and infections like acne by producing the necessary chemicals to fight them.


Vitamin D


How to Get Vitamin D3?

Sun exposure

  • Spend time outside under the sun. If you have lighter skin, you can sun bathe for 10 to 30 minutes each day. If you have darker skin, you can stay under the sun for at least an hour.

Food intake

  • Aside from sun exposure, you can also consume foods that have high Vitamin D3 content. You can consume liver several times a week (YUCK!). Other foods you can eat include oysters, tuna, mackerel, salmon, mushrooms, eggs, etc.


  • Take a high-quality Vitamin D3 supplement. You can get excellent high quality  Vitamin D3 powder  at TakeD3.com  for a fraction of the cost of buying D3 in pill form. Many other supplements are available there as well including Vitamin K2 (see below) which can cost 30X the price of gold in pill form. If you have acne, you are most likely  Vitamin D3 deficient; You can go to your doctor for a blood test to check for deficiency, or you can order a test  cheaply online  from lef.org for about $45, get your blood drawn at a local LabCorp-no appointment necessary and get your results in 3 days.
  • Keep in mind  that most doctors wil tell you taking high dose Vitamin D3 is dangerous. This is for the most part  completely untrue. In rare cases it can lead to elevated blood calcium which is the only risk. The dangers of high blood calcium are mainly  potential for calcium kidney stones,  and nausea  and excessive weight loss. Both are very very rare, and neither are very dangerous as compared to BigPharma’s drugs’ side effects. Vitamin D3 itself is completely non-toxic. One can reeduce the risk of elevatred  calcium in the blood by taking the appropriate amount of Vitamin K2  which will direct  the blood calcium back into your bones. If you are worried at anytime, you can just go get a blood calcium test; if it is in the normal range, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. In tghe rare case it is elevated , simply stop taking D3 for  awhile and keep taking the K2 and you will soon normalize.


And finally, if you plan on performing your own high dose Vitamin D3/Vitamin K2 experiment  to treat your acne  or other condition. You might want to consider buying bulk powder vitamins/hormones  rather than pills given the high doses involved  and the high cost of pills. For example Vitamin K2  can cost  $6,500 per gram if you buy Dr. Mercola’s pills, 30X the cost of gold!! If you buy pure bulk K2 powder  you can get it for just $15 per gram. It’s not just BigPharma who is ripping us off! Find out more from this article>>>>

How to Save 90%+ on Vitamins, Hormones:BUY Bulk Powder-Vit K2 Can Cost 30X More Than Gold!

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  1. I know this is an old article but I took vitamin D3 high doses to cure my acne and to be honest it worked unfortunately, it gave me a very painful kidney stone! At the time didn’t realize my mistake was not taking D3 with K2. If I had done that I would probably still have clear skin or at least very mild acne. I still have persistent acne and don’t really know what to do.

    1. HI George how much D3 did you take for how long?

      If I were you I would try again but take 2x the recommended amount of K2 and use as low a dose of d3 that is effective

    2. Sorry to hear that. Please speak with your doctor. I have taken vitamin D3 supplements for adult acne and it really has helped but I didn’t take excessive doses. I will however check my levels at some point so that I’m not taking too much. It’s not something that works overnight and lower doses are sensible as it stores up in your body. I would say it really has helped me.

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