It has been almost six years since I published what was to become the best-selling book about Vitamin D3 in the world – translated into 10 languages so far. I thought I knew everything about Vitamin D3 back when the book was first published because in preparing for writing the book, I read or reviewed all 52,000 abstracts of science journal articles in the Pub Med science database that mentioned Vitamin D.

However, in the last six years I have come up with a simple tactic to see if a disease is caused by Vitamin D3 deficiency and might be treatable with high-dose Vitamin D3. (I have heard from more than 1,000 people using high-dose Vitamin D3 to treat their various illnesses over the years, and have found that high-dose D3 is almost a miracle cure for up to 70 different diseases and conditions, including MS, lupus, depression, Crohn’s disease, psoriasis, and many, many, more!) Of course, if you are new to Vitamin D3 your initial instinct would be to say:

“HA! If it sounds too good to be true – it probably is”.

I assure you this is an exception to that rule as you will soon see and agree.

I will shortly give you MOUNTAINS of overwhelming proof that is really very amazing to consider, but first let me tell you how and why Vitamin D3 can have such miraculous effects on our health.

First of all, Vitamin D3 is not a vitamin!

It is actually a POWERFUL HORMONE that your body makes when sun hits your unprotected skin. It is a hormone that tells your body that winter is over and summer is here and your body can stop hibernating and can go ahead and repair any incompletely repaired issues you have using all the resources. Most of us humans find ourselves in a state with chronically low Vitamin D3 levels all year long due to sun avoidance and use of sunscreen. I called this state – the Human Hibernation Syndrome. It is when your body acts as if it is preparing for a long winter famine, conserving resources required for repair, slowing your metabolism, and urging you to conserve energy until the winter famine is over.

Vitamin D3 is referred to by some researchers as the bone and joint remodeling hormone, and given that I have found how many people also notice its ability to repair the skin and soft tissues; I prefer to call it the all-tissue remodeling hormone.

One of my favorite examples of what Vitamin D3 can do comes in the form of a study they did on some rats. One group of rats received Vitamin D3 in their food while the other group did not. They then broke the poor rats’ legs and then observed how they healed. The rats on a normal diet had healed legs where there was a large glob of extra bone around the break, like it was held together by a big ball of clay. The rats getting Vitamin D3 had perfectly healed fractures and you could not even notice where the break had been! This study says it all – what D3 can do for rat bones it can do for virtually any tissue in your body.


The following illustration is not from the study noted but it gives you an idea:



Basically, your body knows what shape it is supposed to be in. There is an exact blueprint of your entire body located in the DNA in the nucleus of each cell in your body. If your body has a chronic issue or incomplete repair, it is not an accident or loss of blueprint information. It just means your body is waiting until it gets the signal that conditions are right to do the repairs properly. That signal comes in the form of Vitamin D3.

That condition is when summer returns and your Vitamin D3 levels go up and tell your body to go ahead and undo any partial repairs and to redo all the repairs perfectly using all resources necessary.

So that’s it, now let’s heap the overwhelming proof on you that is so easy to see. I will simply google-search a long list of diseases, along with the search term latitude, view the google images, and see if there are illustrations showing the incidence of a particular disease that varies in incidence with latitude. If the disease is found at lower rates near the equator and increases as you move away into latitudes with weaker sun, you can bet that it is a Vitamin D3 deficiency related disease


Let’s start with Multiple Sclerosis (my next case study article will be about the 1,000’s of people all over the world who are curing their MS with high-dose Vitamin D3) Here is a graph from a study:



Or another way to look at it:



Let’s try breast cancer:

(Oddly- the 23.4 degree (North) circle of latitude around the world is called the Tropic of Cancer, and you will see at latitudes north of 23.4N have much higher cancer rates than south of it! – Now that’s quite a coincidence).



How about Colon Cancer?




Kidney Cancer:


Let’s look at Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis:





Lupus in the UK:



(When you see an anomaly of a high prevalence area where low incidence should be expected, it often is caused by a larger proportion of dark-skinned individuals living in that area. Because it takes a lot more sun in darker skinned individuals to make Vitamin D3 than in lighter skinned ones).


Diabetes (Type 1-Juvenile):




Diabetes (Type 1-Juvenile) cont’d



(Keep in mind that  sun avoidance is like a religion in the Middle East).


Leukemia vs Latitude:



Leukemia vs Cloud Cover:



Multiple Myeloma:



Overall Cancer Rates vs Latitude:













Depression & Suicide:








Where are people affected?

So where in the world are there more people in a population living with schizophrenia? The answer comes from a research team who has written multiple papers on the different environmental risk factors for schizophrenia. The study took data from 162 research projects and looked at the incidence and prevalence of schizophrenia within low (equator to 30 degrees), medium (30 to 60 degrees), and high (above 60 degrees) latitudes. While there was little variation found between these latitude ranges for females, there was a significant increase of incidence and prevalence of schizophrenia for males the higher the latitude is.



There have been studies that show people with schizophrenia tend to be born during the winter/spring months. There are also theories that say there could be a correlation between the amount of vitamin D a pregnant woman has during the pregnancy of a fetus who then goes on to develop schizophrenia.


Glaucoma in the US (caused by exfoliative syndrome):




A review of prevalence studies of Autism Spectrum Disorder by latitude and solar irradiance impact

Author links open overlay panel Somayya SyedKathleen A.Mooreab EvitaM archa

https://doi.org/10.1016/j.mehy.2017.09.012Get rights and content


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong disability with no known cause or cure. Among the suggested etiologies, is Cannell’s hypothesis of a deficiency in Vitamin D the main natural source of which is Solar Ultraviolet-B (UVB) radiation. The aim in this paper is to build on this hypothesis and explore the relationship of solar irradiance of which UVB is a component, by latitude with the prevalence rates of ASD. Twenty-five reports published between 2011 and 2016 using comparable diagnostic criteria were reviewed. The results suggest a tendency for the prevalence rates of ASD to be lowest in countries near the equator and for this rate to increase as the latitude increases. These findings provide some support not just for the Vitamin D hypothesis, but also for a new proposition that along with UVB radiation, the entire solar radiation spectrum which reaches the earth, may play a role in ASD. While these results are both novel and encouraging in terms of the potential efficacy of exposure to natural sunlight, further research is warranted before results can be considered definitive, and before the implications of the findings can be implemented clinically.


In addition to the latitude effect, we have an


What happened around 1980?

Many more of us started using sunscreen and using more powerful sunscreens while also avoiding the sun:




Sun avoidance is associated with earlier death:



Darker skinned people need more and stronger sun to make the same amount of Vitamin D3 as lighter skinned people in the Northern latitudes – explaining the higher incidence of many diseases seen in darker skinned people living away from the equator.


All of this sunscreen use and sun avoidance since at least the 1980’s has led to an explosive rise in many diseases as you will see in the illustrations that follow:





Bi-polar Disease:




Bi-polar as a % of all youth admissions: 0.01% (1994-1995), 0.44% (2002-2003

From Bipolar Disorder In Children–A Diagnosis in the Doghouse April 2012


Autism rates have EXPLODED!


The Obesity Epidemic!




Asthma, Eczema, and Allergies:



Food & Peanut Allergies:



Celiac Disease (Gluten Intolerance):



Multiple Sclerosis is  increasing:



Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes:


Type II (Adult) Diabetes:


Childhood Cancer:



Thyroid Cancer – Exploding!



Malignant Melanoma:

Various Cancers:



Parkinson’s Incidence – Increasing in Rural areas (Farmers Using Sunscreen?)



So that’s about it, the evidence, I believe is OVERWHELMING. And that is why I call Vitamin D3 deficiency the SMOKING CANON for the cause of many diseases as well as the cause of the many epidemics of disease the world has been experiencing since the 1980’s.

I leave you with a table that describes the genes that put you at risk for autoimmune diseases. They almost all are related to the Vitamin D3 receptor genes. The good thing is that most Vitamin D3 receptor defects can be overcome simply by taking much higher doses of Vitamin D3.






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