Vitamin D3 Case Study #3: Plantar Fasciitis of 3 years – Completely cured in 2 weeks!

Vitamin D3 Case Study #3: Plantar Fasciitis of 3 years – Completely cured in 2 weeks!

  • 04 May 2017 By   Jeff T. Bowles

By Jeff T Bowles | Amazon Best Selling Science Author


Health professionals have no idea how to cure Plantar Fasciitis. But they do know how to treat it as a long-term ailment (the most profitable kind). If you review WebMd you will find that all the treatments recommended treat Plantar Fasciitis as some sort of a mysterious chronic ailment:

-Foot Braces
-Foot rest
-NSAIDS like ibuprofen
-Special Shoes
-Multiple Sessions with Physcial Therapists
-Crazy Night splints, and
-Even a walking cast!


Get ready for a long-term treatment (often years) and a long-term $$$$bill!

OR you can simply take high-dose Vitamin D3 for two weeks.


Before we get started, many of you might not be all that familiar with what Vitamin D3 really is. How could a Vitamin cause the healing of a chronic injury you might ask? Well actually Vitamin D3 is not a vitamin at all, it is actually a POWERFUL  seco-steroid hormone that is involved in bone and joint and tissue remodeling, as well as immune system modulation. It alters the expression of 2,000+ of your genes. If you are low in Vitamin D3, your immune system will be out of focus  and may accidentally attack good tissues (autoimmune disease) or ignore bad actors or defective cells  (infections from bacteria, fungi or viruses,  and cancer cells). Now you might not know this but when tissues need to be repaired in your body, quite often there is a lot of destruction and then rebuilding going on. And the repair mechnasims in your body  borrow many of the components  of your immune system to tear down tissue that needs to be remodeled (macrophages for example). Having low levels of Vitamin D3  can lead to an impaired healing process in addition to immune system problems. This impaired healing process is what causes plantar fasciitis to become a chronic ailment that can last  for many years , even decades. What follows  are various self reports of people who have cured their plantar fasciitis  simply, quickly, and for a cost of next to nothing by simply  boosting their Vitamin D3 levels.

Because Vitamin D3 cannot be patented, there has not been a single study added to the Pub Med database that summarizes all research results since 1967! While there are 1,325  various other studies  that discuss various (expensive) treatments  for plantar fasciitis . And this outrageous situation remains the same even since the year 2010 when the National Institute of Health just came right out and said plantar fasciitis is one symptom of Vitamin D3 deficiency! see below-

“Vitamin D deficiency commonly presents with widespread aches, weakness, and tiredness, and can also present with focal symptoms. If a patient has several musculoskeletal diagnoses over time (for example plantar fasciitis, hip pain, back pain, and knee pain) then Vitamin D deficiency should be suspected).”

Aches and pains in primary care – NCBI – NIH
Anyway, let’s get on with the self reported case studies…

My personal experience:

Before I began my High-Dose Vitamin D3/K2 experiments more than 7 years ago, I was once afflicted with plantar fasciitis. At times it was terrible! Especially when you wake up in the morning, you have to hop on one foot around the house until you are able to stretch out the afflicted foot. If I was lucky after about 20 minutes or so of stretching, I could manage to walk around the rest of the day with a little limp, but forget about sports! I had it off and on for about 2 years. And the worst memory I had was dropping my girlfriend and kids off at the airport drop-off point and leaving them so I could return the rental car. We were running late, so I had to make it back to the terminal as fast as possible. I dropped the car off and had to run back to the terminal. Well I ran all right, in excruciating pain! And I must have looked like a wounded animal running for its life trying to run while putting almost no weight on the afflicted foot. I really don’t remember if I ran or I hopped! And I had my carry-on luggage with me to boot! It was hell. And pray that you never get this dreaded ailment!

For some reason, my plantar fasciitis just resolved on its own about 2 years after I was afflicted.


After writing my book about my high Vitamin D3 I started getting reports from people taking high doses. In a number of reports, I learned that Vitamin D3 high-dose CURES years-long plantar fasciitis in about 2 weeks. You simply need to search the review box at the amazon site for my high-dose d3 book and if you search “plantar” you will see these experiences with high-dose d3 pop up>>

By Fabian Laszlo on July 15, 2012
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I read this book trying to find something to help my mother’s cancer. And it sounded so good I decided to try it myself. I have been limping for 2 years with painful plantar fasciitis in my foot. After 2 weeks of taking 25,000 a day, it is 100% gone….I am so happy. Also a friend of mine with shoulder arthritis has been taking it for two weeks too and his pain is almost gone. I live in Brazil and cannot get Vitamin K2 so I am buying the Japanese food Natto from the Japanese restaurants down here, it is supercharged with Vitamin K2. Natto have 1103.4 mcg/100g.

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant, life changing, IMPORTANT. Sun screen may cause obesity. Miss this book at your peril.
By Linda J. Schiller-Hanna on January 23, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
It’s full of wonderful insights. On a personal note, he mentions that low Vitamin D may cause plantar fasciitis (heel pain). I’ve suffered with that for two years, been to Dr., chiropractor, took drugs, did exercise, wore shoe lifts, etc. In less than two weeks of using his regimen my pain is down by 75%. Another reader had it go away completely. I suspect mine will too. Lethargy and depression seem to be going away, and having a general feeling of “getting younger.” Also get his ALZHEIMER’s Book. Tells how to stop it in its tracks with “over the counter” product that is inexpensive. This guy does extensive research and brilliant analysis. Trustable. Helpful. Not greedy.

5.0 out of 5 stars Listen to the people who have tried this!
By Amazon Customer on February 20, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I read all the reviews before I even read the book. One of the reviewers said he got rid of his Plantar Fasciitis using High-Dose D3 with Super K. Since I had been dealing with that issue for 3 years (and it kept getting worse) I was interested. I loved the book, it reads like a good friend is excited about his experiments and is having a personal conversation with you about it. My level was at 35. Within a couple of weeks my pain level was down 90% and within a month it was gone. It hasn’t been back for a couple of years. I finally had my level tested again and it was high, 150 so I’ve stopped taking for a while to bring it down to the 80-100 level. Jeff, you totally changed my life, thank you so much! I find the people who give this book 1 or 2 reviews don’t try it, they think it sounds crazy and review without trying. Thank God I listened to all these Amazon reviewers who had open minds and tried it!

5.0 out of 5 stars Just started 20, 000 iu – will post a …
By Bonnie Mathis on April 7, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Just started 20,000 iu – will post a follow up in a month. Fascinating information!

4/26/15 … 19 days of 20,000 iu per day (taken with K). I will get my level tested in August, hope to work up to optimum dose. So far, my carpal tunnel has almost disappeared; plantar fasciitis gives me NO problems, I’m back to wearing regular shoes again, though I still use my prescription orthotics; various aches are lessening; absolutely NO restless leg at night; and more…
As far as the writing style of this book, I use it for information – if I want a well-written book, I get a novel!

5.0 out of 5 stars and I was not disappointed. I was taking 6000IU of Vitamin D with …
By Lewis J. Berg on December 4, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I sought out this book because I wanted to increase my vitamin D levels, and I was not disappointed. I was taking 6000IU of Vitamin D with K2, however, have recently increased it to 10,000 IU with K2. My plantar fasciitis is gone, and I have felt improvements in a systemic hip issue.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Information
By csm on October 11, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I ran across this book by accident and decided to order. Although it is not the most well-written book; the author does not claim to be a writer by trade. He is speaking from personal research (of which he did A LOT). He also includes the information on where he got all of his info so you can read for yourself if you are distrusting.
That being said; I myself had increased by D3 several years ago after reading some articles on the subject (about 3000 iu or so). I had been suffering from SAD and it was making my life miserable. After some time; I don’t really know how long it took, but I gradually began to feel better and had those symptoms disappear. After reading the book I also realized my plantar faciatis (unsure of spelling) in both of my feet had cleared up as well.
I have been on 30,000 now (with super K) and have had no problems whatsoever. I am 53 and am a firm believer that Doctors are not GOD and we have to take responsibility for our own health. I am positive that there are many natural cures out there for our diseases; think about it, if the Pharma’s discovered cures for everything they would be out of business. I even heard a dermatologist say they loved psoriasis patients because it cannot be cured. (My husband has it) I am anxious for his results in a few months. His condition is 80% better since I did research years ago and started him on supplements and changed his food habits (his derma said it was just a coincidence he got better).

UPDATE — After about a year I realized the hair on my head was growing long. I know that it always grows, but it never got much past my shoulders. I am a WEN user so at first I thought it was that, except that I have been using WEN for about 5 years and the rapid growth did not start until after the D3 was started. Now thanks to D3 and WEN I have long, beautiful hair down to the middle of my back (I am 55 ?
Also, no one in my family has been ill since we started with the higher doses. Not one sniffle. And several of us were around really sick people last winter where we work.

Now keep in mind Plantar Fasciitis often bedevils elite athletes like Albert Pujols. If any of you know how to get in touch with him please share this post with him on facebook or twitter.

And finally, if you plan on performing your own high dose Vitamin D3/Vitamin K2 experiment  to treat your plantar fasciitis or other condition. You might want to consider buying bulk powder vitamins/hormones  rather than pills given the high doses involved  and the high cost of pills. For example Vitamin K2  can cost  $6,500 per gram if you buy Dr. Mercola’s pills, 30X the cost of gold!! If you buy pure bulk K2 powder  you can get it for just $15 per gram. It’s not just BigPharma who is ripping us off! Find out more from this article>>>>

How to Save 90%+ on Vitamins, Hormones:BUY Bulk Powder-Vit K2 Can Cost 30X More Than Gold!


Jeff T Bowles: Being the author of the best-selling book on Vitamin D3 in the world, and given the topic of the book was the miraculous results of my one year experiment of taking HIGH DOSES of vitamin D3, puts me in the unique position of being the sounding board for many hundreds if not a few thousands of others who have embarked on their own high dose vitamin d3 experiment. Nobody on planet earth has this amount of unusual and exciting knowledge, and I will be sharing it with you in this series of 100 short articles describing a disease and some sort of amazing result achieved with high dose D3 therapy.

Sincerely Jeff T. Bowles

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  1. I have plantar fascitis and have being seen by a podiatrist he is giving me 2 b12 shots in 4 weeks still have pain and habble around and another appt. In 2 more weeks I am not impressed with treatment will try your d3 and see how that helps. Thank your for your arrival. Joyce Farish in mobile Al.

  2. I hv been facing planter faciatis having heel spur in my heel from 2 years.i did many treatments bt still no improvement.i have ordered your product vitamin d3 + k2 really helps to cure planter faciatis or not will see after taking your vitamin d3+k2…if it’s not work then I’ll give wrong feedback in your page……hope it will work

    1. OK Ashuz waiting for your results!! Now if it is being caused by a bone spur it might take longer than 2 weeks…..maybe a month or two…But most people get relief in 2 to 3 weeks…
      Please let us know!!! either way

      1. Jeff,

        I have a heel spur confirmed by x-ray. Multiple cortisone didn’t help. Orthotics don’t help. Started on D3/Mag/K2/boron 2.5 wks ago (started with 20,000 IU then moved between 60,000 and 50,000IU daily since) still have pain I guess I must be patient.

        1. Hello it takes about 2-3 months sometimes to dissolve a heel spur be patient

          If you start feeling pain in it , it is working. My fee when it is gone is to write up your expereine briefly to add to the 1,000+ high dose Vitamn D3 case studies search engine…and to buy some books to hand out to your friends and those in need thanks !!JB

  3. Hi Jeff, I’d like to try this radical vit d treatment you recommend
    Which brand/where to buy such high side vitamins?

  4. What should the ratio be of vitamin b3 and vitamin K2 for a 100-105 lbs female in early 40s? Is there a guideline?

    1. HI ther Hanna for every 10,000 IU s of d3 (NOT B3) I suggest taking a minimum of 400 mcg of the mk7 k2 and preferably 800 mcg ..
      at your weight 10,000 ius of d3 a day might be a good starting point
      I will sned you a dosing email next

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