Link Between Vitamin D Deficiency And Anxiety


What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is now an increasing concern throughout the world. It is something that every person may feel every now and then. People who struggle with anxiety have a tendency to experience either agoraphobia, panic attacks, social anxiety, or separation anxiety. The severity of the symptoms is what determines whether you have the typical, common anxiety or you are experiencing severe anxiety.

In the United States, about 18 percent of the population is said to have anxiety and 4.1 percent of that group suffers from severe anxiety. Anxiety develops from a set of risk variables that consists of genetics, personality, brain chemistry, and also life situations or events.


Vitamin D deficiency


All-Natural Methods for Anxiety Relief:

There are several methods that can be applied to relieve anxiety. The following are the natural means you can try for anxiety relief:

– Develop a daily exercise regimen

– Consume well-balanced diet

– Get sufficient rest/sleep

– Try meditation – Meditation helps control your breathing and ease your mind and body. These can help you overcome anxiety attacks.

– Laugh –  Laughing aids the release of happy endorphins right into your bloodstream, which can help reduce anxiety stress.

Another natural method you can do to relieve anxiety is to take enough Vitamin D.

Vitamin D deficiency

Things to Know About Vitamin D and Anxiety:

Vitamin D is a vital hormone that is utilized throughout the body, with receptors in various areas. It was first discovered in the 1920s as a possible cure for rickets, a life-threatening disease.

The reason why Vitamin D has been linked to anxiety is because vitamin D receptors have been discovered in an area in the brain that is related to anxiety and depression.

Vitamin D has also been associated with bone strength. Our body requires sufficient levels of Vitamin D for healthy bones. Thus, Vitamin D is not only vital for a happy mind, it is also essential for a healthy body. This shows that there is a connection between the two. Although researchers still do not have sufficient proof pertaining to both links, there is a great deal of theory-based evidence.

The research study based its approach on finding exactly how Vitamin D and anxiety are related and how the link between the two is established, revealing that low Vitamin D levels are related to the presence and severity of depressive disorder condition.


Vitamin D deficiency


Vitamin D Deficiency:

There are over a billion people throughout the world that have low levels of Vitamin D. Nowadays, people have the tendency to spend a great deal of time indoors, living an inactive lifestyle with more work inside offices. This means little exposure to sunlight, which is among the main sources of Vitamin D that the body needs to thrive.

Ways to Get More Sunlight Exposure

– Spend a brief stroll outside the workplace at times when the sun is at peak, which is usually from 12am to 2pm.

– Maximize the time you spend outside during your days off.

– During summertime, optimize your time outside as well since during the winter months the body has the tendency to obtain Vitamin D from food. About 10 minutes of sunlight exposure will be good prior to applying sun lotion.

– Try to exercise outside instead of going to a fitness center. Jog around the park or do some gardening.

The Importance of Diet

Our diet regimen is another crucial method of obtaining Vitamin D. However, nowadays, our diet plans are very low in foods with high Vitamin D. So what are the foods you need to consume to increase your Vitamin D levels?

– Oily fish – this includes mackerel, salmon, as well as canned tuna.

– Beef liver

– Cheese

– Soy milk

– Egg yolks


Vitamin D deficiency


If you are struggling with anxiety and have attempted various methods to boost your Vitamin D levels but still not working, try to maximize the amount of sunlight you get. Spend about 10 minutes of your time outside to soak up the rays of the sun and you will experience a lighter mood in no time. By absorbing the UV rays and consuming a well-balanced diet, you will have a much healthier mind and body.