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You will shortly be taken on an intellectual journey and adventure of trying to figure out what a hodgepodge of puzzling things all have in common. During and after considering these stories, articles, or odd facts concerning pandemics or epidemics that seem mostly unrelated to each other, if you can unmask the common thread that runs through them all, you will have solved the puzzle and figured out a way to save humanity from the current pandemic as well as any that come at us in the future. This book will allow you to play the role of medical detective. And the fun part is that whether you solve the puzzle or not, you will be given the answer at the end of the book which should provide a satisfying solution to the puzzle and leave you in a wonderful state of “AHAAA”.
For example, you will see a story of an Alaskan village that was untouched by the Spanish flu of 1918 while nearby villages lost up to 90% of the population to flu deaths.
You will read about towns in mountain areas that get hit harder than anywhere else by epidemics, and eventually read an article about how African
Americans are much more susceptible to coronavirus than whites, and then another where in some areas blacks and whites are dying from coronavirus in equal numbers!
If you can figure out the common thread that runs through all these stories, articles, and facts, you will then have discovered, all on your own, how to stop the next pandemic before it starts! And stop the current one right in its tracks, easily, and safely.
You better hurry as they say the next coronavirus pandemic is headed our way for the fall of 2020!
When I add a commentary in each chapter, I might be adding it from the viewpoint of how our public health officials might have tried to explain the facts of the case. But please be advised, their views might be completely or partially incorrect or possibly wholly correct. You will only know in the end after the answers are all revealed to you.
If you decide to not read all the chapters, or get bored with the task you can then ruin the book for yourself by jumping to chapter 14 and beyond where all will be revealed and you can check your own answer, if you develop one, against the one thread running through all the stories that simultaneously explains all the odd facts. Figuring out this one thread through all these stories will then be the key that will allow us to prevent the next pandemic before it even starts! Without even needing a vaccine!
I ask you just one favor. Please do not mention the answer anywhere in writing if you leave a review of this book, that will just spoil the puzzle part for others who want to take a crack at it. But please do spread the news far and wide in any other venue, so we can stop the current
pandemic and the next pandemic before it even starts!  

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