How much evidence is needed for change to occur?

How much evidence is needed for change to occur?

Jeff Bowles submitted this excellent article by Dr. John Cannell of the  Vitamin D Council that was originally published in a blog post >>>

Imagine you are an obstetrician and half your patients took drug X in the first trimester for morning sickness, and the other half took nothing. In this imaginary scenario, a single pediatrician took care of all the infants you delivered. Say that pediatrician came to you and reported that the children of the mothers who took drug X were four times more likely to develop autism than the children of the mothers who took nothing. What would you do? You would stop all patients from taking drug X and report the findings to the FDA who would readily ban the sale of the drug and remove it from pharmacies.

It turns out that there is a sort of “drug” that causes autism. That “drug” is gestational vitamin D deficiency. Very recently, researchers in China found the lowest quartile (1/4) of 25(OH)D levels among pregnant women in their first trimester were associated with a four-fold risk of ASD in the subsequent offspring. [i]  In the same study, higher levels of 25(OH)D were associated with decreasing severity of ASD (R=-0.3, P = 0.001), which helps confirm the two are associated. In this study, maternal 25(OH)D levels in the lower 3 quartiles (1, 2, 3) compared to the highest quartile (4) were associated with increased odds of autism (almost four-fold) in the offspring: [Odds Ratio (OR), Q1: OR = 3.99, (P=0.001); Q2: OR = 2.68, (P=0.006); Q3: OR = 1.36, (P=0.25)].

However, vitamin D is not accredited for its therapeutic benefits in disease prevention or treatment by the FDA and mainstream medicine. Therefore, until this occurs, autism rates will continue to rise.

[i] Chen J, Xin K, Wei J, Zhang K, Xiao H. Lower maternal serum 25(OH) D in first trimester associated with higher autism risk in Chinese offspring. J Psychosom Res. 2016 Oct;89:98-101.

Original article is here: How much evidence is needed for change to occur?

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