Make Your Immune System Kill the CoronaVirus-COVID-19 Before It Makes You Sick! -HOW? Or Why Many People Infected with COVID-19 Never Have Symptoms.


Make Your Immune System Kill the CoronaVirus-COVID-19

Before It Makes You Sick! – HOW?


Why Many People

Infected with COVID-19

Never Have Symptoms.

Jeff T Bowles 3/3/2020

 Before we get started, let me tell you that since I began taking high doses of the sunshine hormone  Vitamin D3 19 years ago, I have only had 1 cold whereas I used to get usually 2 colds or so  per year before the D3. Also, the one time I became ill was when I had stopped taking Vitamin D3 to wash it out of my system for a while- a big mistake! Just let that sink in- I have only had 1 cold in 19 years since I began taking high dose Vitamin D3!

Around 9 years ago, I wrote what was to become the best-selling book in the world about Vitamin D3 titled.” THE MIRACULOUS RESULTS OF EXTREMELY HIGH DOSES OF THE SUNSHINE HORMONE VITAMIN D3 MY EXPERIMENT WITH HUGE DOSES OF D3 FROM 25,000 to 50,000 to 100,000 IU A Day OVER A 1 YEAR PERIOD 

And after publishing the book I started hearing back from many others, maybe 1,000’s of people, conducting their own self-experiments with high dose Vitamin D3, and one theme I kept seeing over and over again was that nobody got sick anymore  once they dramatically boosted their D3 levels

Vitamin D3 is actually a powerful seco-steroid hormone that controls 2,700+ genes involved in modulating (and accelerating) your immune system and stimulating your tissue remodeling system.

Vitamin D3 is made in your skin when you sit in the summer sun. Most people, if they engage in ½ hour of full body suntanning in the summer will make about 20,000 IU’s of vitamin D3. This is a much higher dose than doctors recommend you take which is usually 400 to 800 IUs per day-not nearly enough to keep you healthy.

Apparently, high dose Vitamin D3 revs up your immune system so much that it can kill off almost any virus it encounters before it has time to infect too many cells in your body. It seems boosting your Vitamin D3 levels dramatically, makes you virtually virus-proof.

The great majority of flu epidemics tend to peak in the cold winter (low/weak sun) months, and just magically dissipate in the spring when the days become longer, and the sun becomes stronger. This pattern happens again and again and even President Trump has been suggesting that this new COVID-19 epidemic should begin to dissipate by April.

I have been listening to news people and various doctors trying to explain this seasonality by suggesting that the warmer weather makes it more difficult for the virus to survive outside the body. This I believe is UNTRUE nonsense. Viruses thrive in 98.6 degree humans, you would think the cold weather would  be bad for them. They also have been repeating the “close contact  during the winter months”  myth. You don’t see many people swimming  in public pools, playing touch football, softball, soccer,  picnicking, or barbequeing in the winter do you?

Epidemics go away in the spring and summer because the population’s overall Vitamin D3 levels go up with the stronger sun and make their immune systems much more responsive to viral challenges.

It has been found that Vitamin D3  is 10 times more effective at preventing the flu than the flu vaccine  when given to Vitamin D3 deficient people- see my article on this>>>

For a much more detailed article describing how Vitamin D3 is the only variable that can explain all the facts regarding the COVID-19 epidemic please see my new article here (I think it is much better than this one!) click on this link when you are finished with this short article>>

50 Deaths from Covid-19 or Less South of the Equator And 11,300+ Deaths from Covid-19 North of the Equator! As of 3/21/2020 Why? -The Answer is SO Simple

What happens to most of the people that get sick from COVID-19?  They get sick for a few weeks and then slowly their immune systems figure out a way to kill off the virus-infected cells.

But what if they could make this process occur much more quickly? Like within 12 hours instead of 12 days?   Then these people would never get sick from COVID-19 virus. Their fast moving D3-charged immune systems would have it under control right off the bat.

Thus, in people with D3-revved up immune systems you will likely encounter many people who test positive for the COVID-19 virus but  never get sick from it.

Has this been seen yet?   It sure has! On the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship 322 of the 621 people who tested positive for COVID-19  showed no symptoms at all!! What were they doing that made them virus-proof? They were on a 14 day cruise leaving from Hong Kong which is located at 22 degrees north and has nice strong sun all year round  ( for comparison Hawaii is at 19.5 degrees north and  Key West Florida is located at 24.5 degrees north)  Probably getting a lot of sun  on a TROPICAL CRUISE  boosted their Vitamin D3 levels  quite a bit.

Image result for diamond princess ship


And the result? More than ½ the people infected with the COVID-19 virus SHOWED NO SYMPTOMS AND NEVER GOT SICK!!!

The other 1/2 probably used sunscreen.

See the summary of the cruise story as follows:

A Person Can Carry and Transmit COVID-19 Without Showing Symptoms, Scientists Confirm


A very high portion of asymptomatic cases was found on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, where 322 of 621 people tested positive but showed no symptoms. “There was a cohort that is either asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic.”

This compares to a much lower rate of asymptomatic virus carriers found in China (much further north) -only about 1.5% of those who test positive.

There was also a case of a Chinese woman who tested positive for the virus, but never got sick and went on to transmit COVID to 5 of her relatives who all became sick.

(Bai et al.New England Journal of Medicine, 2020)

Doctors concluded that the woman’s incubation period – the time during which she was infectious – was 19 days.

Chinese health officials previously estimated that the incubation period for the virus ranged from one to 14 days, but recent research suggests it could be as long as 24 days.

So, this all explains why flu epidemics show a seasonal pattern. Look at how the Hong Kong flu played out in the US in the late 1960’s:


It peaked in January and February when people’s  D3 levels are the lowest and therefore their immune systems are slowest. And then became much less prevalent in the spring and summer months.

A similar pattern  was created by the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 with an early  spring time echo. You will see a similar pattern for almost every flu epidemic in history.

See the source image


So, what can we learn from this?

If everyone starts taking 20, 000 IUs of vitamin D3  per day…. they should be protected  from most flu viruses they might encounter  including  COVID-19

I will be so bold as to predict that IF YOU TAKE 20,000 IUs  of Vitamin D3  per day-

You will never get sick from COVID-19!

(Update-An Iranian researcher is recommending people take 150,000 IU’s  of D3  per week minimum for 3 months (the expected COVID-19 season) because in D3 deficient people, angiotensin receptors are much more numerous in heart and lung cells and this is where the COVID-19 virus attaches.(Note- I have not yet confirmed this, but it sounds plausible.))

If you would like to see more up to date and AMAZING  info please check out  the facebook group page (link below), and please join the group if you like it. Current amazing topics at the facebook group page include:

A list of US states and their annual hours of sunshine explain why New York was so hard hit, and California mostly unscathed.

How north-south mountain ranges in a country that block sunlight half the day explain why italy and Spain and Iran were hit so hard, and why Gemany and Austria have such low death rates.

Why the “experts” predicitons for eventual total deraths in the US are wildly overstated. ridiculous,  and likely to be no more than 20 to 25,000. (they completely ignore the effect of sunshine/ Vitamin D3 levels on the popuilation and how they rise dramatically starting in spring

And because African Americans make only 1/5th the amount of D3 in their skin as whites when exposed to sun-they are predictably going to be the hardest hit racial grop by the COVID-19 virus  >>>

Click here>>

Coronavirus COVID-19 Censored Information By the Other CV -PANIC groups

If you would like to learn more about high dose Vitamin D3 therapy ,

how to do it safely, additional co-factors needed, and see all the evidence,

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  1. Thank you. This is very useful. Vit C can also do similar things, so combined together would make it even more sure. I ran out of K2 though and it is taking a while from vitaspace to get it. I am wondering, is it safe to take 20 thousand of D3 without K2 for a while?

    1. Hello there

      yes some people take much higher amounts of Vitamin D3 for years with no K2 under Dr Coimbra’s protocol…but he makes them avoid calcium rich foods and drink an extra liter of water a day….
      you will be fine for several months w/o K2 no problem!! Peter will get it to you dont worry hey say you can get fast good or cheap PICK 2!

      1. Thank you, Jeff, for such a quick answer. That is great, that we can take it without for a while. I know I have to wait patiently as Peter is busy, but I was wondering, if it is safe take d without it for a bit. So far about a month into d supplementation I tested to see if I would burn less in the sun. I went without a hat or sunscreen for several hours at the beach and in the garden on two different days. Nice tan and no burn. It works for me. Thank you again.

        1. HI there

          you can always splurge on a retail bottle of Vitamin K2 at GNC or whole Foods or from amazon

          if it makes you feel better while waiting for peter…but be forewarned k2 in pills cna cost up to $6500 a gram
          while Peter sellls k2 for $15 per gram!!

          Yes many people say that d3 prevents sunburn too!!!it’s crazy!

      2. Thank you for this article. i also read your book but haven’t find a respons i’m looking for: what is the equivalence beetween Ui and mg? I’d like to know how much mg of D3 powder equals to 10 000 UI vitamine D3 ? Best regards

        1. Hello

          That is a tricky question because by law vendors are not allowed to sell pure Vitamin D3 powder. So it has to be cut with something

          so you need to first figure out how many international units (IUs) per gram of powder. You can then convert the IUs to milligrams
          using the formula 1 mg (of pure D3) = 40,000 IU’s of D3

  2. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for the article and your insights on the sunshine hormone in general. If you are right here about it’s efficacy against COVID-19, and I think you are, the mortality rates should show a tendency to increase with increased latitude. If nothing else, it may help to make the case for the importance of ‘vitamin D’ and shine light (pun unintended) on the degrees of deficiency around the world.

  3. Hi Jeff.

    We started to take higher doses of vitamin D3 a few months ago (6000 IU per day). We would like to up it to 10’000 or 20’000 IU a day. How much Vitamin K2 do we need to take for those amounts?
    Thanks for your help!

    1. Hello there

      thanks for writing
      I always reccomened a minimum of 400 mcg (that’s micrograms a microgram is 1/1000th of a milligram) of the MK7 type of K2 with each 10,000 iu of d3 but take 800 mcg per 10,000 iu of d3 if you can afford it that would be a 1 molecule to 1 molecule ratios for d3 to k2.
      Increase this by 5X if you take the weaker form of MK4 type K2 .

      If you weant to decalcify your arteries, some peopel take up to 45 mg yes miligrams of k2 per day or more..for 2-3 months..K2 appears to be non toxic at any dose…It si expensive if you buy the pill form (can cost up to $6,500 per gra,!) You can get it from Peter at in pure powder form for $15 per gram!! see article at the english blog at

  4. Thanks Jeff, that makes it much clearer.
    Should we up our magnesium intake too? It’s confusing because it’s said not to consume more than the recommended amount, which is 350 milligrams per day for adults. Elsewhere says that you should take no more than 300 mg (men) or 270 mg (women) of magnesium per day and I’ve also read that you should have 500 mg if taking vitamin D3.
    Thanks again for your help.

    1. HI there

      I believe like d3, the magnesium daily reccomendations are too low! Food content of magnesium continues to decline every year..and has been going on since the 350 mg /day reccomendation… I was taking 350 mg for years thinking it was enough and didn’t realize the high dose d3 was eating it up much faster than normal (almsot no doctors know this) and gving me magnesium deficinecy symptoms. When I upped the magnesium to 500 mg 2x per day (extended relase I started reversing my mg def symptoms but it takes a long time it has been about a year now. ANd I boosted my Mg dosing to 1000 mg 2x a day with no problems….If you take too much you will get diarrhea . When you up your dose in the beginning you might get the loose stools but after a week or two my body adjusted…So you can basically take as much magnesium as possible until diarrhea tells you that’s enough…Boron and zinc recommendations are also too low!! Especially when takign high dose d3. Bottom line is your large intestine will tell when you afre takgin enough! Another tuing to look for -if you ever get any cramps anywhere on your body even while excercising or straining -it indicates magnesium deficiency.

      1. Hi Jeff,

        Thanks for your explanations!

        I have one more question about the vitamin K2. You advise K2 mk-7. Is that better than the mk4 type? What I read was:
        “The form of Vitamin K that exists at the highest concentrations in tissues of animals and humans is menaquinone-4 (MK-4.) MK-4 accounts for about 40% and the remainder comprise mainly MK-9, MK-8, and MK-7, in that order. So you could say MK-7 is the fourth most important Vitamin K2.”. Is vitamin K2 me-7 better when taking vitamin D3 in higher concentrations?

        Have a nice day!!

        1. Hi rJulia

          I actually take both I get 5 grams of mk7 and 5 grams of mk4 (powder) and mix them together I get it from Peter at for $15 per gram….vs the pills whcih cost up to $6500 per gram!!!!(Dr mercola) If I had to pick just one I would take mk4 since it is te natural one
          for us animals….but it is weaker.. when you buy pills it is amost always mk7….some people say mk7 causes heart racing…
          but I believe it is just aggravating an existing magnesium deficiency they might have as k2 and magnesium are both cofactors of d3
          and d3 can cause heart racing as well y using up magnesioum… that’s about it…thanks JB

          1. Hi Jeff,

            I know I read in something by you that you could decalcify your arteries by taking mega doses of K2 for two or three months. I can’t find the reference now. Would you use Mk4 for that and how much per dose? Thank you for your work! My whole family has benefitted.

          2. Hi Cindy

            I am not sure if there are any studies on the artery clearing effects of high dose k2..but I do know that the Japanese were using 45 mg a day of K2 to treat osteoprosis with no problems 45 mg = 45,000 mcg

            So I took it upon myself to take 45 mg 3 x per day for 2 to 3 months to clear out my arteries

            unfortunately I did not get a scan of my arteries but I do know I had started feeling differently after drinking lots of coffee or chewing nicotine gum as I got older…they wereno longer pleasurable and just a little bit was enough and a normal amount was too much made me feel like I was having a heart issue..So I did this 45 mg 3x a day for 2 to 3 months with a mix of 50/50 mk4 and mk7 k2 I got from (cheap $15 A GRAM) 100% pure tested twice! had no toxicity issues and at the end of the period tried coffe and nicotine again…was just like it used to be when i was problem with multiple cups and lots of nicotine!..not all that scientific but I am a believer!

  5. Hi Jeff,
    Is there a recommended dose of D3 for young children ages 3 – 5?
    I have searched all over and so far can’t find a high dose recommendation.

    1. Hello there

      thanks for writing

      My rule of thumb for kids is to just adjust the dose based on weight
      So if you want the kids to get a dose of 20,000 iu per day for a 180 pound man you just do the math
      say a 60 [pound kid woudl get 60 / 180 x 20,000 = 6,666 ius per daty
      To be even more accurate you would calculate the square inches of skin on the kid and divide by the square inches of skin on the adult…..
      to get an even more accurate ratio…But weight should be good enough…

  6. Can Vitamin D3 be taken at the same time as Magnesium with food? Or should Magnesium be taken at a different time?

    1. same time no problem…many say you should take your d3 with a fatty food for better absorption…..but an even better way to take d3 is put it under your tongue and let it absorb and bypass the digestive system altogether. Some people have to take d3 in the morning or it keeps them up at night but this is rare..

  7. In your books you mention, that taking high doses of melatonin and high doses of vit D3 can cunteract each other in terms of sleep. Did you have any further experience on this, and what would you recommend? Would taking D3 in the morning and melatonin at night prevent the issue?

    1. HI tehre….

      not much to add to that…..I just know if you take melatonin by itself in high doses intially after a week or so it will make you sleep like a baby maybe 14 hours a day plus naps!!! and really high dfoses of d3 70.000+ in my cases also made me sleep maybe 12 hoursd a day….but when taken together on the same day (always take melatonin before bedtime and d3 in the day ) the excess sleep requirement seems to be reduced quite a bit ….to almost normal…..but you can still fall sasleep in the day if you want…that was my experience…

      1. Thank you. Great, I was worried, that if I take both, I won’t get better sleep as with just one of them. 🙂
        Another question, you mention water restricted rat in your book. To how much water they were restricted? How much would that be in humans? Did you restrict their food as well or gave them as much as they wanted and just restricted the water?

        1. Hello there

          I basically repeated Clive McCay’s 1933 (?) experiment published in the Journal of Nutritin where he started with young rats and just limited their food intake to the point where they would not gain weight and grow, and kept them there until they lost about 10 grams of weight or if they weighed 60 grams he would not feed them again until they weighed 50 grams , then let them eat until they weighed 60 grams again, then he would repat this process until they started to look unhealthy. He would then feed them to allow them to gain another 10 grams or so, and would cycle them between 70 and 60 grams. He continued this for their whole lives. he never did find any limits he was just kind of eyeballing it. But he caused the males to live a lot longer, it did not affect the females too much as far as lifespan goes. When I did the same experiment with water restriction, I only used females, and got dramatic (worlod record for the strain) life span extension in the females. I found the rats eventaully could go up to 12 days or so with no water until they needed a recharge…This is a little extreme for humans to try…but if you want to try I used to drink no liquids for 3 whole days n a row then drank as much as I wanted for 4 days of the week. Eating all the dry food I wanted like corn chips etc…i dont do it anymore…but this could also have excellent health effects as i was able to shrink a large solid tumor on a female rat that stayed in remission for the human equivalent of 20 yers…I did this after I had restricted food and gave her melatonin , which did not work (but migth have been necessary to conditon the tumor) , but as soon as I switched to water fasting, boom the tunor just almost disappeared shrinking from the size of half a golf ball to that of a penny under her skin.

  8. Hi mr Bowles I am trying to bring up my 19 year old very slim vitamin d level so far I have giving in the last 6 days 200 hundred thousand units using 50 thousand unit capsules. So I have given 4 capsules spread out thru the week .my question how much should I give her . And after that what would be a weekly maintenance dose . She rarely gets sun stays indoors a lot thank you for your. Reply.

    1. Hello there thaks for writing,

      It is a simple calculation based on weight. So if you want to give her the amount of vitamin d3 that an average male adult would make after 1/2 hour of summer sunbathing and she weighs say, 100 pounds you would give her 100/180 x 20,000 ius per day or about 11,000 /day. Or you could just round down to 10,000 a day..not exaxct science here. Now an even more accurate measurement would be to get a surface area of skin ratio between your daughter and a typical male adult. But the relative weight calculator is good enough.

  9. Hi again Jeff.
    I just had a quick question- do you have an opinion about why Spain and Italy have been hit so hard (and with even the deaths of 66 doctors in Italy alone)? Those two countries have a lot of sun and outside life, so you’d expect that they’d also be getting enough vitamin D3 to at least help them from getting the worst symptoms. Do you think there is a way for us to defend ourselves from getting the dangerous symptoms of Covid-19 and that if we do get it, that it could be milder for us?
    Thanks for everything!

    1. Hello there Julia

      I have not looked ito SPain yet, but I did look into Italy and found even though they are a nice southern sunny country, Italians for some reason as a group test very low in Vitamin D3 levels even less than their northern neighbors in snowy Scandinavia! Also Italy has a very old population on average, one of the oldest I think 49 years average? Well when you get older your skin loses a lot of its abilkity to make Vitamni D3 , this could explain a lot of this mystery and also explains why so many Italians die from COVID-19. If they all were popping 20,000 IUs of D3 per day which is the equivlaent to what a young adult makes in their skin with 1/2 hour of summer sunbathing…I expect the outbreak would have been mostly eliminated. I expect the same thing is happening in Spain. Iranians also have an epidemic of low vitamn d3 levels as shown by the huge increase in MS in Iran since the revoluton of 1980, MS has gone up 800% why? Because the government requires women to cover up their skin…MS occurs in women at a much higher rate tha men, several X’s…and is now known as a Vitamin D3 deficiency disease which also happens to be cureable with high dose D3.

  10. The magnesium chloride capsules I am taking are 1000mg magnesium chloride and 240mg of magnesium per serving (2 capsules). So I will need to be taking 4 capsules to be getting around 500mg of magnesium. Do you know if magnesium chloride is better absorbed then other kinds of magnesium? If I am taking 8 capsules per day is that too much chloride to be taking?

    1. HI there

      Maghnesium chloride is kind of a harder type of magnesium to absorb and has th3e reputation of bneing more likely to cause diarrhea…

      The one exception is if you get extened relase magnesium chloride like that avaibale at it releases the magnesium over 6 hours…it has a combo of magnesium citrate?? for the intial magnesium boost and magnesium chlroide bound to extened relase polymers that give off magnesium over 6 hours…

      Ways to tell when you are taking too much magnesioum is when it starts to make your heart feel funny….I went for a year taking mostly 500 mg 2x per day of extneded release then the last 2 months I bumped it up to 1,000 mg of extended release….until I finally got to the pioint where it started to make my heart feel funny…I droppe the dose and it immediately went away

      So I guess my tank was finally filled! When your tissues stop sucking up the magnesum it is just going to stay in your blood…it took me about a year to get to that point…

  11. That sounds like a mistake did you weigh the k2??? did you ask Peter? please email peter at
    I have bought from Peter many times and tha has never happened

    do you know how small 1/4th of a gram is??
    it would be just enough powder to cover your thumbnail maybe 1/8th an inch

    Where did you come up with 1/4 gram did you reasd it ? weigh it??

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