Case Studies #16-Vitamin D3 Can Prevent & CURE Erectile Dysfunction!


Can a daily dose of Vitamin D3 prevent and even cure a problem that much of  the male population suffers from?- erectile dysfunction?

Experts say it could.

Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a sexual dysfunction in which the male is not able to maintain or achieve erection to have sexual intercourse. Also known as impotence, it affects about 40 percent of men above 40 years old and 70 percent above the age of 70. An estimated 20 to 30 million of the American male population suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction:

Causes of erectile dysfunction are divided into two types:

  • Psychological or mental: These can include stress, low self-esteem, and anxiety.
  • Physical or organic: These can include diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, nerve and spinal cord damage, pelvic trauma and surgery, Peyronie’s disease, medication side effects, substance abuse, alcoholism, smoking, and low testosterone levels.


Vitamin D prevents erectile dysfunction


Vitamin D3:

Vitamin D3, popularly called the sunshine hormone, is a hormone that controls 2,000+ of one’s geneds  in every cell in your body. It is produced when sun hits your skin. The sun used to be a major source of the hormone before the era of sunscreen and sunavoidance. Now days the main source of D3  for most  is from fortified foods and supplements. Most people are Vitamin D3 deficient these days.

Vitamin D3 plays a significant role in achieving optimal health. It helps regulate calcium and phosphorus absorption and maintain healthy bones and teeth. Studies have also revealed the protective effects of Vitamin D3 against multiple diseases and conditions.

Vitamin D3 deficiency occurs when the body is not able to get adequate amount of Vitamin D3. This can lead to higher risk of various conditions and diseases such as diabetes, influenza, bone diseases, allergy, and cancer. Recent studies have also found a link between Vitamin D3 deficiency and erectile dysfunction.


Vitamin D prevents erectile dysfunction


Okay before we get into the boring studies ledt’s here form a few perople who experimented  with high dose Vitamin D3 in their own words.


Take Sammy Peeku , for example,  a 75 year old Aborigne Bushman forom Australia. He writes….

July 18, 2017

An email about pimples libido and other things

Dear Jeff,

Update on D3I have been taking 2 capsules of 10,000 per day (3 weeks) and I tell you I now feel younger and my body is full of life.  My Libido is fantastic for someone 75.My wife started 2 weeks ago.  She has some sort of skin itching problem on the legs, looks like “Psoriasis”  she has this problem for about 14 months.  Her doctor has prescribed many tablets and lotions and the problem persisted.  Now after taking D3 the skin looks almost normal and the itching was gone within days of taking D3.I gave some D3 capsules (10,000) for a friend to try, he ordered some and he has been taking them for about 2 weeks.10 days ago he came to see me with his 15 yr old son whose face is full of pimples.  I gave him a capsule immediately and told him to take 2 a day.This morning his father came to see me and he told me his sons pimples have all but disappeared.  My friend has a beautiful color in his face and he told me that he has never felt better.  He does weight lifting and he says that when he did that he had muscle aches for 24 hrs now he says he lifts same weights and no aches.  Hi Libido is high (he compares it to viagra) Now Jeff I will fill you in on “Melatonin” powder. I used to wake up at least 5 – 8 times per night to urinate.  I never slept good. I have been taking about Melatonin 1/6 teaspoon every night. I only urinate 1 am and 6 am almost like clockwork.  I have a very fulfilling sleep.  I don’t know about my hair yet.

Kind regards, Sammy

I wrote back to Sammy and said…”Give my apologies to your wife!”

Here are some other excerpts from peoples’ testimonials- the full testimonials can be read at the High Dose Vitamin D3 search engine

May 17, 2018

on May 17, 2018
I just finished reading the Jeff Bowles book, “Vitamin D3 Miracle” and I loved it
 The benefits I’ve noticed so far with the vitamin d supplementation is in my mood – I often feel awesome, my libido has increased a lot, I have warmed up and no longer feel as cold and I do feel less tired, though I have figured out that my energy level is more stable if I spread the vitamin D out over the course of the day into at least 3 doses. So currently I’m at 10,000 IU in the morning when I wake up, then 10,000IU at 11:00 am and 10,000IU at 3:00pm. I’m taking Triple K by Bronson vitamins @ 3 per day and 200 mg Mag Glycinate at bedtime and 250 mg Mag Malate in powder form in my coffee in the morning. I’m so excited to have started on this vitamin D journey! Thank you Jeff Bowles for writing your book and sharing your experience!!
So, I ended up buying D3 and K2 as he suggested and started a daily regimen of 30,000 IU. It is already making differences in my body and it’s only been a week! Patches of my skin are returning to normal, my energy levels are climbing again, (I’m back to cardio finally, no more looooong afternoon naps and my libido in increasing (honey, here I come, ha-ha.)
July 18, 2017
9 of 12 people found the following review helpful5.0 out of 5 stars A million stars out of 5!!!, March 16, 2013 By Thomas Lavoie – See all my reviews(REAL NAME)   6 days ago I was dying, I’m not even kidding. For the last 18 years I’ve been suffering deeply. I’m 25. I spent 30 days in 6 different emergency rooms in 2012-2013, I saw 35 free Canadian Doctors that all couldn’t help meI feel energized, no depression, the hypoglycemia being gone is so amazing I’d have given ALL my money to cure this horrendous disease, I’m not going blind anymore, my libido is through the roof, skin vitiligo starting to heal (base of grey hairs on my head are turning brown, base of pubic hair turning black again). Also, let me say that vitamin D3 isn’t the only thing that did this, I also took vitamin K2, calcium and magnesium all together at huge doses for each of them. This is more than a miracle, this is enough for me to sue Doctors for keeping this secret away from me.

Okay let’s get on with the studies……

Vitamin D3 Deficiency and Erectile Dysfunction:

An observational study was conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins University on the link between Vitamin D3 deficiency and erectile dysfunction. The findings revealed that high prevalence of impotence was observed among males with vitamin D3 deficiency. Based on the findings, the researchers believe that low levels of Vitamin D3 could fuel ED.

Dr. Erin Michos and her team have analyzed the records of more than 3,400 male participants aged 20 and above from a survey held from 2001 to 2004. From the data gathered, none of the participants had overt cardiovascular disease, about 30 percent were deficient in Vitamin D3, and 16 percent have reported experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction. About 35 percent of participants with ED were Vitamin D3 deficient (<20 ng/ml) while the deficiency was present in only 29 percent of participants without symptoms of impotence. Participants deficient in Vitamin D3 were 32 percent more likely to experience ED than those with adequate vitamin D levels.


Vitamin D prevents erectile dysfunction


With regard to the findings of the study, Dr. Michos and her colleagues state that they are only observational and more studies are required to determine whether Vitamin D3 deficiency directly contributes to ED. The research team indicates that checking the levels of Vitamin D3 may become a useful tool to gauge the risk of ED among the male population.

Another data, this time gathered by Italian researchers from the University of Milan suggests that low Vitamin D3 levels may increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. In the majority of cases, the cause of ED is organic and the most common organic cause is atherosclerosis of the penile artery.

Using the link between atherosclerosis and Vitamin D3 deficiency, the study was conducted on 143 males with erectile dysfunction. The participants underwent evaluation for penile atherosclerosis and Vitamin D3 blood levels were also taken.


Vitamin D prevents erectile dysfunction


Fifty males were found to have atherosclerotic erectile dysfunction, 28 with borderline ED, while the rest had non-atherosclerotic ED. Nearly half of the participants were Vitamin D3 deficient (<20 ng/ml) with 20.2 percent having Vitamin D3 levels above the optimal level (30 ng/ml or above).

The results revealed that most males with erectile dysfunction have low levels of Vitamin D3. Participants with severe ED were observed to have significantly lower levels of Vitamin D3 compared to those suffering mild ED. The data also revealed that Vitamin D3 deficiency was worse in men with atherosclerotic ED compared to those with non-atherosclerotic ED. The results suggest a link between low Vitamin D3 levels and erectile dysfunction and that Vitamin D3 should be measured in males with ED.

Insufficient Vitamin D3 levels may lead to the production of the free radicals superoxide ions, states study author Alessandra Barassi, M.D. and her team. The free radicals reduce the nitric oxide in the body, a molecule that aids the blood vessels to function properly. Nitric oxide helps the blood vessels relax to increase the blood flow. Reduced amount of nitric oxide makes it difficult for the blood vessels to relax, which leads to difficulty in getting hard and allowing an erection.


Vitamin D prevents erectile dysfunction


The study recommends that ED patients with low Vitamin D3 take supplements to achieve its optimal level (30 ng/ml or higher). (I say much higher  up to 100 ng/ml) Currently, Dr. Barassi is working on a study on whether supplementation of Vitamin D3 can be used as preventive measure to delay the onset of erectile dysfunction.

And finally, if you plan on performing your own high dose Vitamin D3/Vitamin K2 experiment  to treat your ED or other condition. You might want to consider buying bulk powder vitamins/hormones  rather than pills given the high doses involved  and the high cost of pills. For example Vitamin K2  can cost  $6,500 per gram if you buy Dr. Mercola’s pills, 30X the cost of gold!! If you buy pure bulk K2 powder  you can get it for just $15 per gram. It’s not just BigPharma who is ripping us off! Find out more from this article>>>>



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